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This show is about... err...zombies.

The story starts three years after a worldwide zombie virus outbreak. In a period referred to as 'Black Summer' the zombies end society as we know it. In the last desperate days researchers at the Naval prison laboratory in Portsmouth try to speed up the process of finding a cure by injecting some appointed 'volunteers' with experimental vaccines. Apparently one of these volunteers, Murphy, gets lucky and, even though he's bitten 8 times by zombies, survives. From this point on the story is about getting Murphy, and more important: the vaccine in his blood, safely to California where there's supposed to be a still functioning lab that can extract the vaccine.

Even though the main story is about extracting the cure, this show is about zombies. If you like zombies, this might be a show you'll enjoy. In the first episodes there's some nice elements like a zombie baby, a zombie dog (like in Resident Evil) and finishing zombies with the Liberty Bell (like one of the actors states "I'll pay money to see that again''). The show got some really bad reviews in the first week, but that's also because everybody today e x a c t l y knows how zombies look, move and should be, right?

Kellita Smith

Kellita Smith

Roberta Warren

Keith Allan

Keith Allan

Alvin Bernard Murphy

Anastasia Baranova

Anastasia Baranova

Addison "Addy" Carver

Russell Hodgkinson

Russell Hodgkinson

Stephen "Doc" Beck

DJ Qualls

DJ Qualls

Citizen Z / Simon Crulter

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