Z Rock





Episode Guide

  • Season 2
    • Z Will Rock You
      Episode 11

      The guys are a little worried when Z02 gets a gig at a Bar Mitzvah for a rapper's new reality series.

    • Johnny Z. Goode
      Episode 10

      The guys in Z02 are skeptical when they run into an apologetic John Popper.

    • Z Rock This Town
      Episode 9

      A local politician hires Z02 to play at his rally, but things get complicated when they find out his ties with organized crime.

    • Z My Baby
      Episode 8

      Joey's hurt knee could jeopardize the band's placement in the Battle of the Bands competition.

    • Z Wrestler
      Episode 7

      While performing at a wrestling-themed kids party, the band's wrestling personas get out of hand.

    • Z Are Family
      Episode 6
      As the boys search for a new sound for ZO2, an old ghost reappears and throws the makeup of the band into question; Dave Navarro is back. But once the boys get past the fact he left them in the lurch and nearly ruined their careers, they decide to audition him to see if he's ZO2 material. Meanwhile, Dina runs smack into an old ghost of her own. The one that got away: rock legend Daryl Hall. Daryl Hall and Dave Navarro guest star.moreless
    • 6/28/09
      Neil begs his way into a raucous road trip with the boys when they land a two-night gig opening for Brett Michaels in the tawny suburbs of Westchester. But once he finds himself back in his hometown of Chappaqua for the first time in years, Neil makes it his personal mission to settle some old scores. And of course he drags the boys with him. Jay Jay French and Joe Matarese guest stars.moreless
    • 6/21/09

      After playing another child party, the guys get a big break opening for the band KISS. Unfortunately it is not the KISS they were expecting.

    • 6/14/09
      Their professional lives on track, the boys turn their attention towards their 3rd major concern in life: the opposite sex. Joey meets a woman who cooks manicotti just like his Nonna used to make; Paulie meets a woman who makes him want to give it all up and settle down in Rwanda; and David meets his worst nightmare - a band consumed with love. Bonnie Bernstein and Betheny Frankel guest star.moreless
    • Z-united
      Episode 2
      It's months after the Harry Braunstein signing disaster and Paulie, David, and Joey are still unable to land rock or kids' gigs. In fact, they're reduced to scraping pennies together just to eat. And then the mounting pressures of life, and a stolen cheeseburger, finally push them to break up ZO2 and end the dream for good. But old friends conspire to bring the boys together, forcing them to come face-to-face with each other...and the man responsible for ending their careers. Joan Rivers, Dee Snider, Greg Giraldo, and Alison Becker guest star.moreless
    • The Z Rock VIP Pass
      The bad boys of ZO2 are at it again and we sneak backstage for a peek at the second season of IFC's Original Comedy Series Z-Rock. We slide past the groupies and go behind the scenes as David, Paulie and Joey dish out a few juicy tidbits on what's in store for season 2. Plus we'll show you exclusive interviews with the cast as they reveal who's let success go to their head, and we learn the difference between ZO2 onscreen and ZO2 in real life. Guest stars include Joan Rivers, Dave Navarro, Dee Snider, Daryl Hall, Chris Jericho and Frank Stallone.moreless
  • Season 1