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  • Flippin' hilarious fun

    Z Rock is like an adult version of a kids' showing, starring a bunch of adults who act like kids and actually seem like kids. It's centered around a real life band called ZO2. In the series, they're rockers by night, but by day they're a kids' band in the vein of the wiggles or the doodle bops. The three band members are perfect in their roles. They're suprisingly good actors for guys who have never acted before (as far as I can tell). The premise is wildly amusing- putting these rockers into an enviroment where they perform for kids...they're like big kids as it is, so there's a nice fit there. There is nudity and vulgar language, but these guys seem really likeable as characters and as a band because of their juvenile antics...oddly enough they seem wholesome as they talk about finding new women to sleep with after the show. There's a weird line there where it could come off as totally crass and unwatchable, but it has yet to cross that line or even get close to it for that matter. Comedienne Lynn Koplitz fills the role of the band's manager, and she's a treat to watch. Her more grownup shtick plays off the uber-childish antics of the guys brilliantly. Also, a very nice roster of guest stars so far including Dave Navarro, the whitest kids you know, Joan Rivers, John Popper, Gilbert Gotfried, and more...

    Probably won't become a massive hit since it's sort of buried on IFC, which is a very niche channel, but hopefully this takes off and the boys make it big.