Zane's Sex Chronicles

Friday 11:55 PM on Cinemax Premiered Oct 11, 2008 Between Seasons


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  • I don't care if the sex was fake or not. The whole story/show was and still is amazing. I love all charcters but mostly Patiance, and tiriq. they made the show. and Tiriq is Fine! yes he is the only male on the show that is So Cute to me.

    after reviewing Zan's Chronicles for the first time, I loved it and i still love it, Its the best adult show I ever seen. The best part of the show is they used "EBONY" type porn into the show/story. And not alot of african american are in soft porn like that and that is very artistic and poetic. I hope they make a full movie one day. And after viewing the movie, they should make more stories like that poetry of the Chocolate body or Chocolate lovers or something like it. That kind of show was my favorite show that has soft porn in it. I Really Love The Show
  • I have always been a zane fan. I loved the series to the max. Sex looked real & if it wasnt then dey made it spicy. I wonder if they r gonna have ane more new shows. Tired of watchn the reruns.

    I have always been a zane fan. I loved the series to the max. Sex looked real & if it wasnt then dey made it spicy. I wonder if they r gonna have ane more new shows. Tired of watchn the reruns. Budha sure did blow me away wit his wayz. Atleast he got a shot at it. I want to be an actress myself but Im not so sure about those type of movies. Tied down righ now but who knows things may change. I really enjoyed the show and i think they should continue to show newer episodes. You cant start an zane episode and not finish it. I'm pretty sure I'm not the only one who feels this way.
  • Say it ain't so

    Just caught Zane's Sex Chronicles, and I was initially very excited to see that Black Erotica adapted to mainstream premium television. As I watched with keen eyes, I noticed that all of the women were quite similar. The actresses casted, do not represent the black spectrum. I would have loved to see a variation of skin colors from light to dark and everything in between. As a black woman, I am extremely sensitive to women of color being depicted within the media. The underlying message here is that dark skin women are not acceptable for a main stream audience, especially as this one is on the cusp of reaching a wide audience. It's a sad shame, that old stereotypes still hold true.
  • I have 1 question first- is the sex real or simulated? It's hard to tell.These reviews are too harsh- this show is about the steamy sex scenes. After watching this show, I want to make love to my husband and perform some of the scenes.

    This is a great sex show. That is the bottom line. The show is one in which there is a majority, minority cast, where the men are sexy, good-looking, and very muscular. The ladies: Patience, Lyric, Ebony, MariCruz, and Maria are beautiful, vunerable, and sexy themselves. they are trying to maintain balance in their lives in relation to their careers and sex lives, and fulfill their sexual needs and fantasies. How many of you have fantasized about having uninhibited sex with someone from your past that you have always been interested in inside of a bus station bathroom? Sex on top of a washing machine, in a public laundry mat while two strangers watch? That's hot! Many of us what the courage to do something like that. Performing these acts with my husband would be soo hot!! So lay off, Zane's Sex Chronicles is definitely hot and heavy- just as sex should be!!!
  • Bad writing, bad acting, bad dialog, no foreplay....Is this show supposed to turn us on???

    Maybe it's me, but I'm just plain sick and tired of Zane. She's the only one who thinks her writing is so revolutionary! Her books are all boring. No story line--the sex is unoriginal and her characters lack any real depth. To think her show could be any more of the same is just plain stupid. It's clear that she took her book the Sex Chronicles and wrote this script in about an hour. I doubt she had anyone working with her on it, because it wreaks of Zane.

    Why couldn't Cinemax put on something that is titillating, with characters that don't act stupid or say ridiculous stuff? Where is the "urban drama"? How about showing people of color loving and being in love? How about showing how black people get down?

    Like I said, I'm sick and tired of Zane. She thinks she's this gift to the world of fiction, and she's not. Now she's proved her show ain't nothing to write home about...
  • I am going to definately have to agree with Chantey. Didn't live up to the expectations at all... Hopefully it will get better with time.

    Coming from one of Zane's biggest fans I would have to say that the series by no means lived up to all the expectations. For your loyal fans to stay interested it definately needs to get better. I think that a lot of the stories in the book were writen much better then how they were portrayed on screen for example "The Airport" which was one of my favorite stories. In the series it was totally disappointing. I wont knock it totally besides it was just the first season and show but it was just OK for me. A lot of the characters said that it was their first time actually performing these type of scenes on screen so hopefully once they become more comfortable it will get better..... Good luck.
  • A sad and disappointing representation of a fabulous book series. There needs to be a serious intervention before its too late...

    Oh dear, where do I begin. How about the script itself. What was with the awkward pauses between the characters during their diaogue? The awkward tones and pitches in their voices (they'd be loud one minute, then the next I'd have to grab the remote and quickly turn the volume up to catch what was being said). It all screamed AMATUER. Then there was the scene with the girl performing her "hoe" duties ( a name she shamelessly refers to her self by later in the show) with her boyfirend in bed, and he starts rapping "lick your breakfast." News Flash: That wasn't was just plain GROSS. Let's talk about the sex itself. For this to be a show introducing black erotica to the world on CINEMAX, it seemed deliberate how little of the women's bodies (the black girls anyway) was shown. You know that's not how Cinemax rolls. The sex was not in the least bit as inventive and interesting as it is famously portrayed in Zane's books. The sex in other Cinemax shows actually trumped this one......and its Zane! Remarkable feat. Then there's the character Patience who later reveals she is the writer Zane in the show. She is portrayed as this all about business woman that would be hard pressed to be involved in anything as remotely shocking as what Zane writes in her blogs. But in all realness, it didn't surprise me in the least when it was finally revealed. Her sexual repression or "innocence" for lack of a better term was not believable. Sorry. The best scene in the show was probably the laundry scene, beyond that, I was utterly unimpressed. Its a shame really, these books of Zane's are so wonderfully well writen. Somebody please rescue this show before its too late....