Zatch Bell!

Season 1 Episode 8

A Kind Mamodo, Kolulu

Aired Tuesday 7:00 PM Apr 23, 2005 on YTV

Episode Recap

The show opens with it raining, a young pink haired girl is crying in the rain. A girl (around Kiyo's age) comes up and asks the girl her name. She says Kolulu, the girl says her name is Laurie. Laurie takes the girl home and asks her where her parents are. The girl says she doesnt have any. After some explaining why she doesnt have any, Lori says that she will take care of her. We are now with Zatch and Kiyo, Zatch asks if he can go to school with him. Kiyo says no, have you forgot about your friend? Zatch looks over and sees the Volcan and cheers. Zatch is walking in the park and sees Kolulu. He sees her doll and he says that his Volcan iwas hand made. She says hers was too, it took her sister a week to make it. A flashback shows Zatch asking Kiyo asking how long it took to make his toy, Kiyo replies 5 minutes. Laurie comes and takes Kolulu home. Kolulu is sleeping when her backpack starts glowing. Laurie wonders what it is and takes out a glowing pink book. She opens it and wonders about the weird writing. She then sees some that is written in pink that she can read. She starts to say the spell when Kolulu is waking up. Kolulu attempts to stop her, but is too late. Kolulu turns into a diffrent form with big claws and jumps out the window. She chops down a telephone pole and causes cars to hit each other. Laurie comes out and asks if that is Kolulu, "the beast" speaks back and says it is her. She asks if she will say the spell agian, so she can get stronger. Laurie refuses and slowly the beast changes back into Kolulu. Laurie realizes that as long as she does not say the spell, Kolulu will not turn into a horrible ugly beast. Kiyo sees a news report on TV and thinks that whatever caused this could be a Mamodo. He and Zatch go and check it out, and Kiyo says that he has a bad feeling.

The next day, Laurie and Kolulu are playing at the park. Kolulu has forgotten what happened when she transformed. They are playing with a ball, bouncing it back forth. Zatch begs Kiyo to take him to the park. He gives in and they go to the park. Laurie hits it too high for Kolulu to reach, and it goes in the street. Kolulu goes after it and a truck comes speeding down the road. Laurie tries to reach her, but she knows she can't save her in time, so she says the spell. Kiyo and Zatch hear the spell being cast. They go there and see the beast. Kiyo and Zatch cast their lightning spell and hit Kolulu. Kolulu is laying in front of Lori, and tells Laurie it hurts. Lori says the spell again and Kolulu gets a boost in power. The fighting goes on. Then Zatch sees that both females are crying. Kiyo thinks it's a trick, but Zatch refuses to use any more spells. He tries to hold Kolulu back. Eventually, with Laurie's encouragement, Kolulu turns back into her original form. She explains that she hates fighting, but for those who hate fighting, another personality is built into them to force them to follow their destiny. She says that she can't burn her own book, so she asks Zatch to destroy it for her. He says that if he does, she will vanish. Zatch doesn't want to, but Kiyo tells Zatch to look closely at her book. Zatch moves closer to it, and says he can't see anything, but then Kiyo casts their lightning spell. Zatch gets mad at Kiyo for tricking him into burning her book, but Kolulu says that it had to be done. As she fades away, Zatch says that he will be the next king of Mamodo World ; the kind king and that is his vow, his promise and he will try to full fill his destiny.

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