Zatch Bell!

Season 1 Episode 8

A Kind Mamodo, Kolulu

Aired Tuesday 7:00 PM Apr 23, 2005 on YTV

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  • good episode

    A female Mamodo appears in the city and instantly becomes friends with a girl named Lori, sort of like how Kiyo and Zatch met, except without the smashing of windows, the mess, the yelling, the zach-er whatever your name is. The Mamodo's name is Kolulu and she is very sweet. She thinks of Lori as a big sister. Soon after Kolulu meets Zatch and instantly remembers him, they show off their dolls, Zatch with his Volcan 300, and Kolulu with her doll Tina which took Lori a week to make. Zatch feels bad because his volcan took 5 minutes to make. Then Vulcan's arm fell off. When Lori uses Kolulu's spell book, Kolulu turns into a pink haired monster and starts breaking stuff. Which is he going to do; fighting her in her otherself or sending her back to the Mamodo World like the others from the past when she proves to be one of the few good Mamodos who refuses to fight?
  • Bye Kolulu!

    In this episode, Zatch meets a kind little kid named Kolulu. Kolulu is really a demon. When she came to fight, she was alone and sad. A girl named Lori found her and gave her a home. One day, Lori tried to read Kolulu's book. When the spell activated, Kolulu turned evil and started terrorizing the town. So when Kolulu meets Zatch, she asks him to burn her book. She does not want to hurt Lori or anyone else anymore. Zatch does not want to, but Kiyo makes him. It is so sad when Kolulu says goodbye. But Zatch is now motivated to become a kind king.
  • poor kolouu

    poor kolouu she\'s gone it is sadding. Zatch found a friend but he had to destory her. oh painful to watch. i like this episode because kolouu was one of my favorite mamodo she was strong. kolouu just proved that girl mamodo can be evil, good ,very strong. so wish the best of luck to you kolouu
  • this eposide is about a mamodo named kolulu her partner lori discovers her book n reads it n figures out wat really is kolulu a day in the park zatch n kiyo go 2 d park n find kolulu they fight her n in d end kiyo burned kolulu's book it was sad

    i really liked this eposide i saw it wit 1 of my closest friends that tought me abot zatch in my house it was really sad when her book got burned even do that's what she wanted b-cuz lori was crying because she will b alone again and she was really close 2 kolulu n now they wil never see each other again but lori promises 2 talk 2 her parents it was as sad as the eposide w/ yopopo bn-cuz i tought that eposide was sad 2 only those 2 well i hope i get 2 see a cool eposide like those i'll b waiting well i guess i'll stop writing now
  • ahh so cute

    wow how do i start cute so cute zatch knows what type of king he would be good for him it was sad and grate at the same time i was thinking she was going to be like tia that would be cool nice way thay used this episod as a spring board to tell us that zatch will be a good king i bet zatch would be evil with out this episod lol well i can dream right my brother told me that when he saw this episod but i have to say this was a good episod and i loved it.
  • Be a benevolent king Zatch.

    This is by far the saddest episode I have ever seen. After fighting off Mamado that want to rule the world they meet Kolulu who just wants to have a family and Lori who has a family that\'s never around. I don\'t know what\'s sadder the fact that Lori only got to be with Kolulu for a short time or that Kolulu was given a destructive personality and has to have her book burned and worse it ahd to be by Zatch. And even in later episodes he still thinks about losing her. Him and me will never forget those words \"If the ruler of our world was a benevolent king maybe we wouldn\'t have to come her and fight in the first place\" Please be a benevolent king Zatch, for Kolulu.
  • This episode is about a mamodo named Kolulu. Eventually, Lori (her owner) discovers Kolulu's book, but doesn't realize that it brings drastic consequences to all. In the end, she is sent back to the Mamodo World, telling Zatch to become well-endowed.....

    This episode was a real KNOCK OUT!!! Not once did I ever cry toward this episode, but it certainly does bring up certain Mamodos that never wanted to be involved in this battle. I never counted on this being one of those emotional episodes. There are still some hilarious moments throughout when Zatch meets Ponygon, thus causing the mischievous girl Naomi to knock them out of the park, literally!
  • a kind mamodo named Kuklulu comes on the scene and is adopted by a lonely girl. Both of them form a fast freindship, but it doesn't last. When kolulu's speelbook is read she transforms into a deadly mamodo.

    i loved the entire, esp when zatch finds out that Tina, kolulu's doll was made over a long period of time while his was made in 5 minutes! But it was ad how kolulu releazed that she had to be killed so that the people around her wouldn't get hurt. The BMG went perfect with the last scene tears were streaming down my cheeks.
  • Zatch now has a reason to become a kind king!

    this episode was really emotional. I can't believe Kolulu was forced to fight against he will! I alomst cried seing her go back home! oh well they'll be others as kind as her and I'm sure Zatch will become a very kind king.I wonder how cruel the current king is!
  • this episode was good

    this episode was kinda sad cause when Kolulu tells Zatch and kiyo to burn her book and they don't want but then kiyo does. but this was a good episode but what i liked was when the saew Kolulu in her battle stage well that's what i call it and kiyo and Zatch blast it with zicare that was good but at the end that was sad. so untill next seea
  • Zatch now has a promise to keep, to become king!

    This episode was nice! A kind mamodo, Kolulu comes to this lonely girl, the girl then finds Kolulus spell book and casts the first spell, which makes Kolulu evil!

    Of course Kiyo and Zatch find out and they attack Kolulu then the girl gets scared and attacks with the second spell, finally Zatch knocks some sense into Kolulu and she becomes good again, but in order to make Kolulu not do this again, Zatch must make a terrible sacrifice!, to destroy his friend!

    Zatch didn't want to do it, then crying Kiyo casts the Zaker spell and it burns the book! Zatch was mad and sad but Kolulu wanted Zatch to become king and Zatch promised he would in a cofedent spirit.
  • Zatch has a reson to become King

    In this episode a Mamodo name Kolulu got lost until Lori found her and bring her home and when Lori cast the spell Kolulu trasform until a fearsome form then Kiyo used Zaker on Kolulu when she is in her fearsome form and then Kolulu book got burned to bad about that
  • This is pretty good.

    I actually liked this episode. It had action, some fighting, new spell, and to top it off it was destructive. It was also good because it gave Zatch a reason to be king, To become a benevelent king so that they wouldn't have to come and fight in the first place. It was a sad ending but good episode.
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