Zatch Bell!

Season 1 Episode 15

A New Pledge Between Zatch and Tia

Aired Tuesday 7:00 PM Jun 19, 2005 on YTV

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  • exciting episode

    Zatch and Tia work as a team to defeat a Mamodo named Maruss and his bookowner. Will Zatch and Tia defeat them? It starts off with Kiyo and Zatch saying they will take things from there, Megumi is on the ground and Tia goes to her while Kiyo says to watch Maruss. Kiyo goes to ask Megumi if she is alright and Tia tells about Kiyo and Megumi says she will be okay as all it did was knock the wind out of her. Tia looks at Zatch and is freaking about how he has changed so much since he was a whimp in the Mamodo world which Tia asked why didn't ever stand up for himself. Maruss tells Zatch to get out of his way and Kiyo goes to blast Maruss and Rembrant with the spell knocking them out of the building. Tia is shocked how Kiyo attacked without seeing them as Kiyo says they will make sure those two won't get into the stadium. Tia demands to know why they are doing this and what is in it for them which Kiyo is shocked she just said that.

    As Megumi ask if Tia is alright and talks to her about Zatch being a weakling in the other world, she says he used to be and Maruss tells Zatch he is going down as Rembrant cast the spell. Kiyo cast the spell and Megumi talks about helping to beat the enemy which Tia wonders why Zatch is helping her out, how they will have to fight each other eventually and they head out to see the fighting. Zatach is fighting incrediably and Maruss wonders why he is having a hard time taking down Zatch, Kiyo talks about Maruss barely being able to stand and Kiyo has a plan. He wishes to hit Maruss with a build-up of power and as Zatch goes to charge and hold Maruss another spell is cast but Zatch avoids it mostly. As Tia calls out for Zatch he is hit but unhurt as Zatch says he will get it, Megumi goes to explain about how Kiyo and Zatch have fought and never given in or gave up despite all of the battles.

    Megumi says no matter the odds Zatch and Kiyo will fight even if they only have minor odds to win, Megumi wishes to fight with them and ask Tia why she isn't moving. I think that poor Tia is in shock from seeing Zatch with so much power and not giving up, plus not knowing if she can trust him just yet doesn't help at all either. As Maruss ask why are they protecting them and how they will have to fight them themselves sooner or later. Tia is freaking out about all of them being enemies now and Maruss says you have to eliminate them and in the flashback Tia is told she lost the battle the moment she trusted Maruss. As she was attacked and Tia talks about there only being enemies now and Zatch says they may have to fight someday but for now he will protect them.

    Zatch is ticked about how Tia begged him not to attack the concert and back down but Maruss wouldn't do so, Zatch says he will make Maruss pay for it and Tia thinks that Zatch hasn't changed a bit at all. A flashback to the Mamodo world shows how Zatch tried to protect a flower and how Tia had to drive the bullies off, Tia thinks Zatch is still the same old dork and they head in to help out. As Kiyo talks to Zatch and Kiyo thinks he can't use Raeshield with Zatch so close to the threat, as Tia and Megumi use their shield and Zatch breaks through to pin Maruss Kiyo's plan is ready finally.

    Calling out the spell twice to blast Maruss with built up power Tia cheers and Kiyo tells Zatch it is good work, Zatch is on the ground and Tia thinks it is incredible how he beat Maruss. Maruss gets up and talks about still being king which he calls Zatch scum and Maruss says they are afraid, as they go to attack and Kiyo goes to call Maruss a monster which Kiyo says those you belittle will be the ones who defeat them. As Kiyo uses the spell again and Maruss's book is set on fire he fades out back to the Mamodo world and Zatch is panting, Tia thinks that Kiyo is a good person and understands how Zatch got so strong.

    Rembrant runs off and Tia thinks that only one of them will be left when the fighting is over which Tia thinks that they are both really good. She thinks Zatch is fighting to be king and how they will have to fight each other eventually, as they turn around Kiyo tells Megumi to get back to the show and freaks them out as if nothing happened. Zatch thanks her for the shield and they head inside Tia talks about there being no friends in this battle, even if they haven't changed and are how they used to be she says everyone of them is their enemy. Tia tells Zatch they will have to fight so why not now and Zatch says he won't fight her because she is a good friend, as she talks about choosing a king Zatch says that a good king is someone who is nice to begin with. He tells about Kalulu and what she told him, how maybe they won't have to come here to fight and Zatch says he will put an end to this useless violence once and for all.

    How if he loses Tia could become a kind king and as she talks to Zatch about being so strong she goes back to taunting him about being a weakling, how there will be benevolant king either way if one of them wins and Zatch along with Tia talk about a benevolant king. Tia thinks there is someone besides Megumi she can believe in even as the battle goes on, at least there is another kind Mamodo out there and we can trust her for the most part.

    As Megumi finishes up her concert and Susie is asking what took Kiyo so long, as Tia watches them she thinks they can trust two of them and Kiyo has a note from Megumi. She says that next time it will be her turn to help him out which he thinks it is great, as Megumi sings a great song and they cheer for her Megumi looks over and thinks about how they made some friends. Tia hasn't slept in a long time and how it seems like she is floating on a cloud as she rest. As the crowd cheers for Megumi Tia thinks about how she has met someone who wishes to be her friend and not her enemy.