Zatch Bell!

Season 1 Episode 37

Battle in Hong Kong (1)

Aired Tuesday 7:00 PM Dec 03, 2005 on YTV

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  • cool episode

    Zatch & Kiyo run into a girl named Li-En whose father, the crimelord Li-Akron, has kidnapped her Mamodo Wonrei. Can the gang save him? star on this episode: Gwendoline Yeo (Li-En), Crispin Freeman (Iwajima, Kane, Wonrei, Additional Voices), Jason Spisak (Kiyo), Debi Derryberry (Zatch), Colleen O'Shaughnessey (Suzie) Recurring Role: Crispin Freeman (Goon), Julianne Buescher (Zabas) Guest Star: Michael McConnohie (Li-Akron), Dave Wittenberg (Galliont), Jeff Nimoy (Goon) notes on this episode: Wonrei and Li-en's first apearance. Aired in Japan on December 21, 2003. Covers chapters 71-72 of the manga.

    Chapter 71: An Important Person
    Chapter 72: The Dangerous Island in this episode is where zavas is first shown 18 out of 100 mamodo have been destroyed so far
  • I love this episode!

    I love this episode so much! I love this one and the episode after this one, the second part. In this episode, we get see Lien for the first time. It is kind of funny how Kiyo meets her. Kiyo and Suzy are talking, and Suzy is saying how Kiyo is always taking that book every where he goes and one day it is going to get stolen. Kiyo laughs and then Lien comes out of no where and steals the book and runs away. I thought that was very funny. This is a very good episode. I like Lien and Wonrei.
  • A mission to save Wonrei

    As Zatch Kiyo and Suzie are walking home a mysterious girl steals Zatchs spell book. Once Zatch & Kiyo catch up to her she tells them her name is Li-En and that she needs their help in order to save her friend and mamodo Wonrei. They agree to help her out and travel to Hong Kong where he is being captured by her father. Li-En tells them about herself and how she meet Wonrei and why her father has kidnapped him. As they infiltrate where Wonrei is another mamodo is waiting for them at the top to destroy Wonrei and Zatch. Will the new mamodo destroy Zatch and Wonrei? Will Li-En rescue Wonrei?
  • It shows the love between Wonrei and Li-en

    Li-en is in deep love with Wonrei. She cares about him alot. She steals Zatch\'s book in a ditch effort to ask for their help to save Wonrei from her father. Some peculiar men are after Li-en to take her back but with one Zaker, Zatch quickly gets rid of them. Li-en is happy that they will help her. They venture off to the island where Wonrei is being kept. There Kiyo and Zatch find out Li-en has moves. She and them defeat all the obstacles and try to take th elevator up to Wonrei until a man breaks the elevator. Li-en tries to get up by climbing. She is really determined. She falls and Zatch saves her at the last moment. Kiyo fixes the elevator and they are on the way up greeted by another mamodo.
  • very adventuress

    Liean has to move to her grandmas house because her father hide her mamodo and he doesn't want liean to try and find him. She meets Zatch and Keyo and tells them about herself they decide to help her. So they go to China when Lian is almost captured at the airport but Zatch and Keyo use their first spell to nock out the her fathers goons Liean thanks them and they get on the plain. They have to get on too an island mountain top to find him but the elevators broke and theirs more goons so Zatch and Keyo take them out while Liean climbs the mountain and tells Keyo to go to leave her behind. She thinks that they did but really they just were fixing the elevator and got their just as she did. Then a mamotoe is seentelling his partner theirs a mamotoe over with on that Island. So they go and check it out. Mean while they are looking high and low for onlay and we learn that Onely loves leion and leiaan loes him too. The other mamotke figues out that their are two mamotoes and that there both up on the mountain top. The partner says good we'll burn two books ib we play our cards right. Will they I don't even know. I like the part where they attacked the goons with zackair. The worst part was when we found out about the other mamotoet was trying to ge! Zatch and Onelays books. I hope that they don't get to the mountain top. I really hope I really hope they find onelay before the other mamotoe do.
  • Zatch, Kiyo, and Li-en try to save Wonrei

    Zatch & Kiyo run into a girl named Li-en whose father has kidnapped her mamodo, Wonrei. Can the gang save him? Now a mamodo name Zabas and his partner Galliont came to burn Zatch and Wonrei book. Can Zatch,Kiyo, Li-en and Wonrei defeat Zabas and his partner Galliont or will there book be burn? Stay tune.