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Zatch Bell!

Season 1 Episode 38

Battle in Hong Kong (2)

Aired Tuesday 7:00 PM Dec 10, 2005 on YTV
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Episode Summary

Battle in Hong Kong (2)
Kiyo, Zatch and Li-En are on the way to save Wonrei but another mamodo comes in to crash the party. Will Zavas, the enemy, be able to take on Wonrei & Zatch, or will the duo defeat Zavas and Galliant for good? Can Zatch use the fifth spell to destroy Zavas?moreless

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  • good episode

    Kiyo, Zatch and Li-En are on the way to save Wonrei but another mamodo comes in to crash the party. Will Zavas, the enemy, be able to take on Wonrei & Zatch, or will the duo defeat Zavas and Galliant for good? Can Zatch use the fifth spell to destroy Zavas? stars on this episode: Gwendoline Yeo (Li-En), Michelle Ruff (Marylou, Naomi), Colleen O'Shaughnessey (Suzie), Crispin Freeman (Iwajima, Kane, Wonrei, Additional Voices), Jason Spisak (Kiyo), Debi Derryberry (Zatch) Recurring Role: Julianne Buescher (Galliont) Guest Star: Michael McConnohie (Li-Akron), Dave Wittenberg (Galliont) notes on this episode: Aired in Japan on December 28, 2003. Covers chapters 73-74 of the manga.

    Chapter 73: The Courage To Fight

    Chapter 74: The Fifth Spellmoreless
  • Wonrei!!!

    Wonrei! They finally get to Wonrei! In this episode, Zatch and Kiyo and Lien finally make it to where Wonrei is held prisoner, but there is an enemy mamodo at the top of the mountain waiting for them. This episode is very good. Oh yeah, also, in this episode, Zatch and Kiyo learn their fifth spell. The fifth spell, Zakerga, lets zatch shoot lightning out of his mouth, but in a straight line kind of. So, they defeat the bad guys and save wonrei! Lien and Wonrei get away and live happily ever after. I like this episode alot. The end.moreless
  • The fifth spell.

    As Kiyo, Zatch and Li-En arive at the top of the mountain they meet another mamodo. Zatch and Kiyo decide to battle Zavas and Galliant while Li-En frees Wonrei. When Zatch uses his first spell it doent seem to work and Zavas seems to have a lot of power. Zavas than decides to attack Wonrei and Li-En. Wonrei protects Li-En and helps to defeat Zavars but before they can they decide to run away because of the fact that more guards are on their way. When Zavars gets up Zatch uses his fifth and newest spell to destroy Zavars book. Wonrei and Li-En meet Li-Ens dad and he decides that they can be together.moreless
  • what a battle I think.

    well this episode had some good parts. but they dubbed out when wonrei and li-en kissed. zatch learnes the fifth spell and it is a zaker that goes straight. a powerful move. also wonrei and li-en first battle and they did good. i like wonrei and li-en they are strong. and u can tell that they love each other. well a good episode.
  • Lien finnaly finds wonrei in a cage but he doesnt want to come out. Wonrei is scared of getting liyen involed so he pretends to hate her. that doent stop lien from protecting wonrei. After some convincing from kiyo won rei comes out and kicks Zabas but.moreless

    This is one of the best episodes manly because i am a wonrei and lien fan. The way lien and wonrei go together is so amazing. They are inseprable and shall be together forever. But the edited bersinon isnt so good. Wonrei and lien dont exactly love each other. Lien says i care for you not i love you. whats the worst part is that they edit the kiss. Liens voice is one of the few i have a problem with. It just doenst sound like a girl. Won reis is nice though. Its a great introduction of the couple.moreless

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