Zatch Bell!

Season 2 Episode 5

Battle on the Sand! Brago VS The Silent Rulers

Aired Tuesday 7:00 PM Jul 01, 2006 on YTV
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Battle on the Sand! Brago VS The Silent Rulers
Brago and Sherry go against Byonko and 3 "tag-team" ancient mamodo.

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  • Brago kicked their butt.

    This episode shows exactly how strong Brago is. Brago is so strong he defeated not only three mamodo from one thousand years ago but even a team who call themselves "The Silent Rulers."Brago uses these spells in this episode

    Reis-shoots a concentrated ball of gravity at the opponent

    Giganoreis-powerful version of reis shooting a bigger ball of gravity at the opponent

    Dioga Gravidon-powerful version of giganoreis shooting a massive ball of gravity devouring anything in it's pathmoreless
  • That was an unfair fight.

    That was an unfair fight. Brago and Sherry against three melinum(sp?)mamodos and their book owners. that\\\'s not fair. i mean if milordo-z/zofis had sent ten melinum(sp?) mamodos that might have been fair but three? so they just beat them up like they always do an dgo on their merry way. it was a exiting episode bt it was predictible that they\\\'d win since what kind of show would make them loose just imagane brago\\\'s book being burned and then sheryy sets out on adventure to free her freind but can\\\'t since zofis has all these spells so zatch, kiyo, kanchome, folgore, ponygon, and that other guy have to go beat zofis and koko up. that would be lame. so whatevermoreless
  • Brago takes out three mamodo without breaking a sweat.

    Brago demonstrated how powerful he is in this episode. He starts to beat the Silent Rulers without using any spells, but then they use their most powerful combo, three of the same spell at once, but Sherry comes and saves the day. This episode was quite thrilling and surpasses the high expectations for this show. Brago proves that he is fit to be king in this episode and his partner Sherry proves that they make a good team.This is one of the best episodes of Zatch Bell yet! I hope the episodes just keep getting better and better. Brago rocks out loud!moreless
  • This is really a great episode!!

    I like this episode becasue it shows how Brago gets attack but still keeps going on and on, and also with Sherry. This is also a great episode because Sherry and Brago are in it! I like how Brago just dodges their attacks and tries to attack them. Like when he is stuck on the ground or something, he still keeps on going!! This is great episode!
  • Brago kicks some Millenium Mamodo Books.

    Go Brago! w00t! w00t! I like that word w00t! Ok, so in this episode Brago takes on 3 Millenium Mamodos, and defeats them, I think. And the Millenium Mamodos' leader(the 3 in this episode) is Byonko. And Byonko's leader is Zoffis, the one who brought all of the Millenium Mamodos back to life using shards of a special type of glass(sort of like the Demonic Mirror from eps. 31-35) to bring them out of their stone tablets(their books) and also the books.moreless

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (2)

    • Zatch is barefoot while in the study with Kiyo, Megumi and Tia. When he is outside alone with Tia, his shoes are back on but when they walk back into the house and he races Tia up the steps he is barefoot again. Zatch's shoes just disappear and there isn't enough time between the events for him to have taken them off.

    • Among the mamodo in the shadows.. the mamodo who turns things to stone is shown and also the mamodo of the tablet Zatch and kiyo found is also shown.

  • QUOTES (2)

    • (Tia constricts Zatch from moving with strips of bandages)
      Tia: What is with you, Zatch? Don't you want me to offer as much possible care I can give?
      Zatch: Actually, it would be a lot better if I can do it myself.
      Tia: What did you say?! How dare you say that to me (strangles Zatch) you ungrateful brat! I bet you think you could feel better just by putting spit on your wounds!
      Kiyo: Let him go, Tia! Hang on, Zatch!
      Megumi: Oh. Looks like their getting along as usual.

    • Tia and Zatch: (crash into each other while carrying books)
      Megumi: Oh, my. You guys aren't hurt, are you?
      Zatch: You should be more careful, Tia! And watch where you're going!
      Tia: (points) What are you talking about? You're the one who bumped into me!
      Zatch: I was looking straight in front of me the whole time.
      Tia: (grabs Zatch by the shirt) Then how come you didn't move? It's lady's first, right?
      Zatch: (mutters) Who's the lady?
      Tia: What did you say!?

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