Zatch Bell!

Season 1 Episode 40

Big Brother Kanchome

Aired Tuesday 7:00 PM Jan 07, 2006 on YTV
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While Folgore is flirting with all of the girls, Kanchome spots candy in a truck, but it seems to be a trap to a circus! Soon Kanchome meets a young girl named Rushka and her guardian Lilly. Kanchome promises to protect her and be her big brother! What happens when a band of thieves led by Fredo and his mamodo Bago attacks? Outside of that, Tia has her first encounter with Naomi in her outing with Zatch.moreless

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  • good episode

    Kanchome gets seperated from Folgore and ends up at a circus! The circus is not without its troubles though, and Kanchome has a hard time doing the stunts. After the circus, Kanchome finds a little girl named Rusca sitting by herself under a tree. The two talk with each other and become friends, with Kanchome becoming like a brother to her. She invites him to her house where Kanchome finds a lot of sheep. He wonder why there are sheep here when her grandmother tells Kanchome that her parent have passed away and the sheep are the closest thing to family that she has. Suddenly! A dragon mamodo and his partner come and steal all the sheep. Despite Kanchome's best efforts the theives get away and Rusca is left crying. Kanchome leaves to take back the sheep when Folgore comes on a motorcycle and asks whether he wants to rescue Rusca's sheep. Kanchome doesn't know whether he can defeat the thieves but he wants to see Rusca smile again. "Folgore, do you think maybe you can help me?" "Of Course I will bambino," replies Folgore. The two of them will fight!moreless
  • It was okay.

    This episode of Zatch Bell was okay. I do not like Kanchome, he is one of my least favorite characters. So I obviously did not like this episode. It is very boring. Also, I absolutely hate Folgore, so I did not like this episode even more. But it was kind of cute the way Kanchome was like a big brother to that little girl. But the story line was very boring. This is definately not one of my favorite episodes. But when Tia met Naomi, that was funny! At first, I thought Tia would beat Naomi up, but they both started to hurt Zatch!moreless
  • oh come on

    Oaay this is a tot'lly a filler basicly a little girl whats a brother band cancome comes and says that he'll be her big brother. It was a totally borring episode but at least I get a review out of it. And the thierd spell for cancome is not anything spishail trust me.
  • Kanchome VS Bargo

    Kanchome fell for candy trap and Folgore trys to catch up with him. Kanchome battle Bargo. Kiyo had to go to aschool. Tia appear and hag out with Zatch and meet Naomi. Kanchome is now a big brother to a little girl. He will protect his little sister no matter what.

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