Zatch Bell!

Season 1 Episode 42

Coldhearted Foes

Aired Tuesday 7:00 PM Jan 21, 2006 on YTV

Episode Recap

The sick Zatch Bell sneaks into Kiyo's class with Ponygon and total chaos erupts. Later, Apollo visits Kiyo's school and talks to him about what happened in his trip to Holland. Apollo and Rops found someone that looks like Zatch. "Zatch?" That mamodo was not Zatch but Zeno, a mysterious mamodo that looks like Zatch, but has an evil personality.

Offended that he was mistaken for that weakling Zatch, he summons his book keeper, Dufort and tells Apollo and Rops to fight. Apollo feels like he can't back away from this fight and is forced to battle. He tries attacking Zeno and Dufort with their spells but he can't hit them. Apollo and Rops are no match for Zeno and Dufort's strength and ability and Apollo is pinned to the wall by Dufort. He is surprised by Dufort, who he senses to have the same abilities to read enemy attacks and sense danger that he has... But more disturbing is that despite any danger that comes to him, his heart doesn't waver. "I can only imagine the amount of tremendous hatred you hide inside." Dufort is angered by Apollo's statement and powers up to attack but Zeno tells him not to waste power on such weaklings.

While Zeno and Dufort are distracted, Apollo tries to grab his book. But it's too late! Dufort attacks Apollo's book with Zaker, setting it on fire. Dufort fires another Zaker on the already burning book, making Rops go immediately back to the mamodo world; leaving Apollo without a chance to say goodbye to him. Kiyo is angered that someone would fire on an already burning book and vows to avenge Rops...

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