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Zatch Bell!

Season 1 Episode 27

Danny Boy

Aired Tuesday 7:00 PM Sep 10, 2005 on YTV
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Episode Summary

While on their way to the museum, Zatch encounters a mamodo named Danny Boy. Zatch and Danny have a battle, but when they settle their differences they find out that the Shamira Statue was stolen, now Zatch and Kiyo must help Danny and Mr. Goldo with retrieving the Shamira Statue from a sinister Museum Curator.moreless

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  • exciting episode.

    Danny is an older mamodo than Zatch whose book owner and father is Mr. Goldo, and the two are protecting a precious work of art. Meanwhile, Kiyo is telling Zatch about the work of art and describes it as Zatch's equivalent of a ten-foot yellowtail with dipping sauce. As he and Ponygon go to see the statue which is really being shown two days later, they have an uncomfortable run-in with Danny, thinking Zatch was sneaking up on him. But when everything is sorted out, they become friends. Then they come to see the statue, only to find Mr. Goldo tied up and the art gone. Apparently the people the staue was given to was a gang, so Zatch, Mr. Goldo, and "Danny Boy" as Goldo called him go to a boat to retrieve it. Ponygon is sent home to tell Kiyo the situation when he gets home, but he did not make sense of course and the note Zatch left was very vague. At the boat, Danny was discovered by Zatch to have a self-healing power, but it comes to no use when Mr. Goldo was held at gunpoint. Just at the nick of time, though, Kiyo bursts in to the right boat after accidentaly looking in on a girl dressing and makes Zatch blast the gun out of the gang boss' hand. All seemed well after that until the boss escaped from the police's hands and almost tumbles a truck on the car with the statue and Danny's book. But Danny shows bravery and loyalty to his book owner by catching the truck load before it hits the car. Danny asked Zatch to blast the load of apparently gasoline as a friend, so he could save the statue and prove himself worthy. So once again Zatch puts down another newly-found friend, like Kolulu. While Danny's book is burning Mr. Goldo shows pride in his mamodo by calling him his son and his real name instead of "Danny Boy".moreless
  • One of my favorite episodes.

    This episode is one of my favorite episodes in the whole series. In the episode, Zatch meets a mamodo named Danny Boy. Danny's power is that he has major healing powers. If someone shoots him (Which is what these guys did, they shot him down), then his book keeper casts the spell and he will be okay. This episode is very very sad because Danny sacrifes himself to save a beautiful priceless statue. It was very sad to see Zatch saying goodbye to his friend he just made and very sad to see Danny say good bye to his book keeper.moreless
  • Great episode-Zatch makes a new friend.

    When Kiyo tries to describe to Zatch a statue Zatch mistakes it for a giant yellowtail. Meanwhile Mr. Goldo and his mamodo Danny (or as Mr. Goldo calls him Danny Boy) are working to protect that same statue. However the muesuem curator is trying to steal the statue and kidnaps Mr. Goldo. When Danny and Zatch get to the boat in which they're keeping Mr. Goldo Danny starts to fight all the men there. But when Danny gets shot and goes down-while Zatch is worried- Mr. Goldo doesn't worry and saids a spell. Miracously Danny is healed. Apparently that is Danny's power. But the muesuem curator holds a gun to Mr goldo's head. Mr. Goldo tells Danny not to worry and holds the gun to his head. Luckily Kiyo saves him by using Zatch' power. Later the curator escapes from the police and steals a truck with a huge metal cylindar on it. It falls and is about to crush the statue but Danny saves it. Zatch blasts the cylindar and while Danny is still alive-his book is burned. Mr. Goldo calls him Danny for the first time and burns his hand to say the spell so Danny can go into the mamodo world looking like a hero.

    This was a great episode but I didn't like how Danny died(but at least he went down a hero.)moreless
  • I like Danny!

    This episode of Zatch Bell is what made me keep on watching it. I almost stopped watching it, but when I saw this one, I wanted to watch Zatch Bell again. I wwanted Danny to live, but unfortenaty, his book got burnt and he die WAAAAAAAAAAAH! But, he'll be back- they always come back.

  • danny is trust werthey and pony gon is stupid like usual

    The only way that I could discribe dany is awesome. First he's trust wuthy and strong and a hole lot of other things. But then he was willing to sacrofice himself for Mr. Goldo his aparent father and book holder which makes me wonder how long this battle has been going on. A fine piece of art is coming to their town and Zatch asks keyo wh'ts the big deal and he compares it to a ten foot yellow tail with sose which is discusting but any ways. Themoreless

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