Zatch Bell!

Season 2 Episode 6

Defeat Milordo-Z! Each Person's Resolve!

Aired Tuesday 7:00 PM Jul 08, 2006 on YTV
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Episode Summary

As Zatch, Kiyo, and Tia pinpoint Milordo Z's location, Megumi goes through the hard times at school, Ponygon finds the owner of his book, and Dr. Riddles searches for more allies to help fight Milordo Z.

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Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (3)

    • when kaft gets ponygons book you can see the spellbooks letters turn orange showing he is ponygon bookeeper

    • Look Hard: When Ponygon is showing everyone his book, you can see that the pages are blank, you cannot see the writings on it. The same thing happens when the dog steals the book.

    • When Kiyo is searching for Milordo-Z's location, Kiyo gets frustrated and imagines Milordo-Z and his book owner in his mind. But look carefully, he imagines them without the masks, how could he imagine them without the masks, if Milordo-Z and Koko never showed their true identity to Kiyo?

  • QUOTES (7)

    • Suzie: Isn't that? Kiyo and Zatch?!
      Yamanaka, Iwashima, Kane: Those guys?
      Iwashima: How did they...
      Yamanaka: Get such...
      Kane: Good seats! The website said they were sold out!

    • Kiyo: (gasping for air) My hands have stopped shaking! (looks at the plane) You know doctor if you were in the area you could've said hello! Why does everything have to be a big mistery! Coming to people to aid from behind the scenes! (yells at the sky) I could of atleast thanked you!

    • Tia: (talking about Megumi) Yeah, she's working everyday! Megumi's working so hard, that she falls asleep the second she gets home every night! Thats why I feel so bad!

    • Suzie: Here I took some class notes for you! I figured since you were absent!
      Everyone: Me too!
      Kiyo: Wow thanks everyone! These notes are....AAhhhh! (Looks at Yamanakas Notes) Yamanaka these aren't notes, they're just doodles about baseball! (Looks at Irushima) I find it hard to believe this class was about UFO attacking cats Irushima! (Looks at Suzie's notes) Suzie! You didn't write down one important detail! (Looks at Kane's Notes) The movement of dinasours? (Looks at the animation of the dinasour, while Kiyo gets frustrated a ticket falls off) Whats that?
      Zatch: Hey look! Isn't that a ticket to see Megumi in one of her concert!
      Kiyo: Don't tell me that you guys....
      Yamanaka: We managed to land tickets!
      Irushima: We bought along Megumi's homepage!
      Suzie: We really wanted to get one for you too Kiyo!
      Kane: But there weren't anymore!
      (They smile, Kiyo screams and they "Shush" him)
      Kiyo: I'm left out! Some friends you are! You just came here to flash those tickets in me face?! If that's the deal! Get out!
      (Suzie, Irushima, Yamanaka and Kane leave screaming)

    • Tia: (After showing Kiyo and Zatch the lunch) Megumi made Kiyo's. I made Zatch's!
      (Kiyo and Zatch look surprised after seeing Zatch's lunch)
      Zatch: Yum! Tail!
      Tia: It's pan fried Yellow Tail Head!
      Zatch: I love it! Hey wait minute! Where's the rest? I thought that Head was pan fried, and the rest was raw!
      Tia: (Starts chocking Zatch) No I already told you! Didn't I? Is just a pan fried head of the yellow tail!

    • Kanchome: (Folgore lands on Kanchome frozen) Folgore! You've come back! For me! Folgore why don't you answer me! Why aren't you moving! Folgore!!

    • Dr. Riddles: Is this what you were searching for?
      Kanchome: Exactly! Thats right! Yippe! But how did you know that?
      Kiddo: Because Dr. Riddles knows everything!
      Dr. Riddles: Thats correct! Everything there is to know I know!
      Kanchome: Uh, everything?
      Dr. Riddles: Yes, infact I even know that you are awating for the owner of your book!
      Kanchome: Really? Then tell me, when is Folgore coming for me?
      Dr. Riddles: Amazing! That's the one thing I don't know!
      (Kanchome and Kiddo are amazed)
      Dr. Riddles: Kidding!

  • NOTES (13)


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