Zatch Bell!

Season 1 Episode 20

Flowers of Evil

Aired Tuesday 7:00 PM Jul 23, 2005 on YTV

Episode Recap

But Kiyo and Zatch still had their hands full taking on Steng, the so-called master of Hobark Castle, and his immense mechanized Mamodo Baltro! For starters, the dominating bookkeeper had captured Folgore and Canchome and were threatening to take care of them! And to make matters worse, he found a way of taking Kiyo's book, preventing Zatch from attacking any more of the flowers that allowed the Mamodo mech to move! But Cory, the boy who's own parents were captured by the haunted knights of this castle, decided to come to the rescue in the knick of time, running an insane mad dash that kept Baltro on its toes until he was finally able to return the red book to its rightful owner! With the book returned, and a little help from Folgore and the "servents" of Steng, Zatch was finally able to take apart the remainders of the mechanized monster! But unfortunately, that wasn't the real Mamodo....but although the real Baltro did have a lot of bite, it really wasn't enough to stop a nice Zakeru from attacking. But with the situation seemingly under control, Steng and his dog-like Mamodo showed off one more spell maneuver: one that made all of their flowers attach to the castle, allowing it to collapse on its own free will! Working in a frenzy, Kiyo, Folgore and Cory rescued the prisoners of Hobark Castle, including Professor Takamine, Kiyo's father! But Kory's parents were locked away in a dungeon below the castle...and with moments to go before total collapse, Zatch, Kiyo and Kory chose to go underground to complete their mission, against the warnings of everyone there! With an insane dash, the trio made thier way down as the castle completely fell apart, but with one more lightning bolt to the sky, all was finally well in the English countryside. But not all was as well as it seemed: although Steng and Baltro had failed in their own selfish mission, Kiyo realized that "someone else" had put them up to taking Professor Takamine, especially since he had no use to those two. And this "someone else" knew exactly what to do to failures when those two returned to him: with an immemse silver lightning bolt, Baltro was sent back...while Steng was left to cringe at the sight of "the boy who looks like Zatch".....

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