Zatch Bell!

Season 2 Episode 23

Free Yourself from a Thousand Years of Pain!

Aired Tuesday 7:00 PM Dec 16, 2006 on YTV

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  • Pamoon reveals himself and is ready to fight!

    This episode made me cry at times. Zatch and Ponygon try their hardest and still can't defeat Pamoon. I was really crying when Pamoon was explaining in his flashbacks what happened to him! I felt so bad for him... hopefully Zatch and Kiyo can manage to break him loose and get him to help them. A very well done episode.

    I was pleased that the floating stars was finally over. That was getting annoying. A recurring theme was revived in this episode, I noticed...
    It seems that almost every major mamodo has a final spell taking the form of some kind of beast.

    I would say this was a very informative episode, although I can't wait for the twelve good guys... (11?) to get back together.
    (By good guys, I mean Kiyo, Zatch, Mr Sunbeam, Ponygon, Megumi, Tia, Li'en, Wan-rei, Folgore, Kanchome, and Dr Riddles...)
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