Zatch Bell!

Season 2 Episode 0

Friends Getting Stronger

Aired Tuesday 7:00 PM May 20, 2006 on YTV

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  • This is a recap episode that covers many highlights from the previous season including major allies, defeated allies, most of Zatch\'s spells, his newest foes, and ends with teasers of battles yet to come.

    Friends getting strong was a pretty good recap episode. It shows many of Kiyo Zatch’s allies and a few of his foes. It includes actor/singer Folgore and the duck faced boy Kyanchome (yellow book), mini pony looking Ponygon (orange book) (a.k.a Schneider), pop star Tia and little girl like Megumi (orange book), kung fu master Li-En and adult male looking Wonrei (light purple book), Sherrie and semi evil black fur wearing Brago (black book), Uri and the angry little girl Penny (light orange/yellow book) (Zatch allegedly broke her heart), Magician Dr Riddles and wooden boy looking Kido (grey book) who also introduces the Majestic 12 from the USA: lightning eye, rocket foot, flying feet, second site, dinosaur arm, future wonder, psychic jungle, fire elbow, lady susan (she smells good), blizzard sing, travel mole, and their leader telepathy radar.

    It also covers some of the allies that have returned to the Mamodo world such as Mr. Goldo’s human looking Danny Boy (purple book) (killed by an unwilling Zatch (red book) while saving a statue), Apollo’s ladybug/turtle like Ropes (light blue book) (killed by the Zatch’s look alike (pale blue book)), Shion’s cat like Nya (pink/fuchsia book)(killed by Dr Hakase’s goblin like Grisor), interestingly they don’t recap Lori’s sweet young girl like Kolulu (killed by Zatch after Kiyo told him to look closely at Kolulu’s book, then shouted Zakare! Kiyo did it because he knew Kolulu didn’t wish to keep fighting). They have flashed that one back so often, it was ok to skip it in this recap.

    The show also showcases the first spell Zakare, second spell Rashield, fourth spell Bauzakadiga (giant fire dragon with huge square mouth), fifth spell Zakataga (straight Zakaire), Sixth spell Rauzuruk (surrounds Zatch with a glowing aura that amplifies his power). The third spell was not covered.

    They also covered Jester looking Bari (dark blue book), the one Mamodo to truly defeat, then spare Zatch as well as Koko and masked Milordo Z (dark purple book)

    The episode ends with teasers of future battles to come, and even shows what looks like Ponygon creating a concave translucent shield to block an incoming attack…