Zatch Bell!

Season 2 Episode 10

Impact of the V! Very Melon!!

Aired Tuesday 7:00 PM Aug 12, 2006 on YTV
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While resting, Zatch and his friend meet Victoream, a goofy mamodo with a taste for melon, who challenges them to a fight.

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  • burahhhh the maginficent v has appeared

    victoream. victoream. a strong but stupid mamodo. he shocked zatch and the others when he came and scared them. but they did not listen only megumi. megumi just starred at victoream. i'm suerprised that victoream did not attcked. if he did they would have been really hurt. i don't like victoream because he like to do that very melon dance it goofy.
  • Burahh!!!! Victoreem shows up to do battle with Zatch and his friends.

    Victoreem is the single greatest thing to happen to Zatch Bell. Not only is he powerful, but his Very Melon! song is the greatest. Just when you think they\'ve got him, he pulls another trick and gains the advantage. Everyone must fear the magnificent V! Or as he\'s known in the Dub., \"Gorgeous Sir Victoreem.\"
  • A momado by the name of v or whatever, shows up and inturrepts the gangs rest, at first he's goofy, especially when folgere gives him a piece of melon. But they find out that he's also dangerouse, especilly if he's interrruptted.moreless

    This episode was a little werid for me, when the mamodo V began to yell and stuff. At first I thought that he was, ya know, really dangerous. But when he started to sing when he was given a piece of melon, the thought that came to my mind was, OOOOOoooooookay, looks like we have another Folgore on our hands. When he continued to sing a 2nd time, i thought oh yeah defintly another folgore. But you gotta admit the guy's attack was defin=tly dangerous.moreless
  • Verrryyy Melon!

    In this episode Victoream and Mohikan ice are introduced! Victoream is one of my favorite Mamado! He is a V shaped thing and uses a spell called Magon Yo-Yo it is where he makes his arms into round circles that he whips around with spikes on them! Victoream is veryyy Vein about his "Beautiful" V shaped body!He is a Millenium Mamodo and he is very funny and entertaining! Im totaly tuning in to watch another great instalment of Zatch Bell!

    This review was brought to you by Verrryyy Melon and Melon Incorperated! Thank You!moreless

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