Zatch Bell!

Season 1 Episode 44

Invitation to a Duel

Aired Tuesday 7:00 PM Feb 04, 2006 on YTV



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    • Suzy: Hey Kane, have you seen Kiyo anywhere?
      Kane: He and Zatch just took off.
      Suzy: Aww. That's a total bummer.

    • Kiyo: Zatch, whats the matter?
      Zatch: Kiyo, someone has challenged us to a fight.
      Kiyo: A mamodo?
      Zatch: Yeah!

    • Kane: Kiyo, you want to come with me? I'm going to catch a dinosaur!
      Kiyo: Good luck.
      Kane: No, I mean it!

    • Bari: You are Zatch?
      Zatch: Yeah.
      Bari: Then I challenge you to combat. To determine who's spellbook is more powerful.

    • Bari: (To Naomi) Now then, I want a word with you Zatch.
      Naomi: I'm not Zatch you clown. What's with the dorky costume, is the circus in town?

    • Bari: (Thinking)(Watching Naomi hurting Zatch) This is the mighty Zatch? This tiny female?
      Bari:(To Naomi) So, you are the one they call Zatch?

    • Gustav: It's a big city. And we don't know what this mamodo looks like. Will we be able to find him?
      Bari: Don't worry, sooner or later it will use it's powers and when it does I will be able to pin-point it's location.

    • Bari: What a pleasure it will be, to vanquish a worthy foe.
      Gustav: Don't get over confident, be careful.

    • Gustav: I hope we are doing the right thing in challenging this mamodo Zatch. It could prove difficult.
      Bari: You may be getting cold feet, Gustav. But I say the more difficult it is, the better.

    • Gustav: That's what you need. Someone who is as strong as you, a challenge. I've heard rumors of a mamodo in Japan. His name is Zatch. They say no one who has gone there to face this mamodo has ever returned.
      Bari: Sounds intriguing. I say let's go to Japan!

    • Gustav: So, you want a worthy opponent, huh?
      Bari: You think you can find one?

    • Gustav: What is it you want, Bari?
      Bari: Want? How should I know what I want? But I do know I don't want this. Wasting my time and energy on unworthy opponents.

    • Goman: Giraido!
      Gostav: Zonis!
      (building Explodes, people run off screaming)
      Donpochu: OK I give! I surrender!
      Bari: Surrender? There is no surrender in the battle to be king!
      Donpochu: OK whatever you win!
      Bari: In this battle there is only victory or oblivian! and its not hard to see what your fate is!
      Gustav: GIGANO ZONIS!
      (spell fires, Donpochu's Book catches on fire)

    • Bari: So, you are the one they call "Zatch?" I have finally found you.
      Naomi: I'm Naomi, Noodlehead. If you're looking for Zatch, he's the one you just drop-kicked over there.

    • Bali: So, you are the one they call Zatch.
      Zatch: What, hiya! (hugs him) Thanks for coming whoever you are! You saved my neck!
      Bali: (kicks him off) Begone, you puny imp!

  • Notes

  • Allusions

    • Title: Invitation to a Duel
      This title could be a spoof of of Duel Masters or Yu-Gi-Oh! because the title says "Duel" in it and that's what the characters in the shows above do, duel.

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