Zatch Bell!

Season 1 Episode 17

Kiyo's Curry Camping Trip

Aired Tuesday 7:00 PM Jul 02, 2005 on YTV
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While at camp, Kiyo must make time for each of his friends before heading off to England with the help of Zatch he finished every promise and now they now go to camp for Kiyo promise to Suzie..

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  • good show

    While at camp, Kiyo must make time for each of his friends before heading off to England with the help of Zatch he finished every promise and now they now go to camp for Kiyo promise to Suzie.. '

    star on the episode: Leslie Carrara (Mrs. Takamine, Additional Voices), Dave Wittenberg (Parco Folgore, Ponygon, Yamanaka, Additional Voices), Colleen O'Shaughnessey (Suzie), Debi Derryberry (Zatch), Jason Spisak (Kiyo), Crispin Freeman (Iwajima, Kane, Wonrei, Additional Voices), Michelle Ruff (Marylou, Naomi) Guest Star: Jeff Nimoy (Bug-Catching Student) a notes from the episode:Tia and Megumi appeared around the end of this episode. However, none of them have any dialogue that's heard, Megumi is the only exception since she giggledmoreless
  • Kind of dumb, no offense.

    I love this show and all, but this episode was, umm, how do I say this? STUPID! I did not enjoy it at all for some reason. I am very sorry to those who like this episode. There were some funny parts, but the rest was pointless and dumb. I got really bored of this episode. I do not think they should have created it. But, they could have atleast made a more interesting plot line. But, I have to admit, the ending was very cute. I like the ending how the fire works are shooting in the air and everyone is watching and happy.moreless
  • zatch ust b the funniest show ever

    this eposide was really funny i liked the part when zatch n ponygon were hanging from the car n then a wheel falls off n ponygon goes 2 the air that was reallly funny n i also like d part when tia gets mad at zatch n choks him she always does that that's why they call her the tombboy girl b-cuz she is stronger then kanchome well um... she also did that when they were fighting victoream nd eposide calles "Tia's confession or something like that d 1 i saw last saturday she did it alot in that eposide it was so funny i'm happy that i know about zatch well i'm only doing thi b-cuz i want my level thing 2 go hire well i'll stop typing nowmoreless
  • No fights at all

    Kiyo goes on a camping trip. It's not really exciting as i expected.There wasn't any fights and i watch this show to see the mamodo battles, not Kiyo and his school. This episode has little to talk about. Kiyo makes curry to serve to the campers but has to go to England so he can only stay for one day. Zatch follows him to camp in an odd way. Zatch helps to keep Kiyo's schedule in order during the whole episode. All in all this episode is kind of boring. We need more of something else in the next episode.moreless
  • Kiyo and Zatch were to spend more time together. Unfortunately, Kiyo did not realize he promised his other fellow students at school that he would spend more time with them.

    This was one hilarious episode! What made me crack up the most was when Kiyo went on an insect exploration hunt with a classmate of his. When Zatch suddenly finds a beehive hanging from a tree, he taps it with his two hands, causing Kiyo and his classmate to freak out instantly! It was a complete laugh! I couldn't stop laughing everytime I looked at that scene! Ha ha ha ha!moreless
Colleen O'Shaughnessey

Colleen O'Shaughnessey


Debi Derryberry

Debi Derryberry


Jason Spisak

Jason Spisak


Crispin Freeman

Crispin Freeman

Iwajima, Kane, Wonrei, Additional Voices

Dave Wittenberg

Dave Wittenberg

Parco Folgore, Ponygon, Yamanaka, Additional Voices

Leslie Carrara

Leslie Carrara

Mrs. Takamine, Additional Voices

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    • Kiyo: What kind of spices did you put in there, Zatch!? Huh!?
      Zatch: Spices? What's that word mean?
      Kiyo: (stares with a mean look) Just tell me! What else did you put in the curry!?

    • Kiyo: (thinking) Don't tell me Zatch thinks he's coming with me!
      (cut to next scene)
      Zatch: Hey, Kiyo. Have you seen the Vulcan 300? I went to pack him and then he disappeared. (sees Vulan hanging onto the top of the doorway) Aaah! No, no! Aaah! No, no!
      Kiyo: Okay. I'll be leaving now, Mom.
      Kiyo's Mom: Okay, have fun, Kiyo.
      Zatch: (yelling in tears) Wait!
      Kiyo: Now, Zatch. (smiles) Be a good mamodo and stay here.
      Zatch: But I want to go, too! (crying while hanging onto Kiyo's Mom)

    • (After agreeing on keeping promises with Suzy, Marylou, Yamanaka, Kane, and Iwajima)
      Student: What about your promise on planting hydraneas with me?
      Kiyo: (pointing) Okay. You, I don't know. I draw the line on keeping promises to strangers.
      Zatch: Kiyo. Come play with me.
      Kiyo: No can do.
      Zatch: (freaked out) Wha-wha-wha-what!?

    • Zatch: Kiyo. (taps the beehive) I found the bees.
      Kiyo: (freaks out) Aaah! Zatch! No!!!
      Zatch: Ha, ha. (accidentally drops the hive) Whoops.
      (bees start swarming, while Kiyo and his classmate scream in fear and are being chased throughout the woods screaming, with Zatch laughing from behind)

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