Zatch Bell!

Season 2 Episode 4

Light of Hope, Saifogeo

Aired Tuesday 7:00 PM Jun 24, 2006 on YTV
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Light of Hope, Saifogeo
Tia and Megumi, now with new spells, show up to help Zatch and Kiyo against Penny and her ancient mamodo.

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  • cool episode

    Tia and Megumi, now with new spells, show up to help Zatch and Kiyo against Penny and her ancient mamodo.

    Notes on this episode: The Flashback battle of "Tia vs. Kido" was a bonus chapter in book 17 of "Zatch Bell." Aired in Japan on May 9, 2004. Covers chapters 106-108 of the manga.

    Chapter 106: The Emotionless Enemy

    Chapter 107: You Get What You Deserve

    Chapter 108: The Light 5 out of a 45 millenium mamodo have been destroyed so far. This is the first time Bao Zakeruga is used 2 times in a battle

    Dr. Riddles knows about the Millenium Mamodo and also seems to know about Milordo Z's plan. (edit) The flying Mamodo that came at the end is named Badios. Zofis mentioned its name in the previous episode. (edit) The 3 Mamodos' dub names are:



    Boru Bora The human partners apparently have no knowledge of anything that happens when their under Milordo Z's mind control. We learn that Tia and Megumi had their encounter with Dr. Riddles and Kiddo. Giga La Seoshi is similiar Tia's other spell Seoshi except that the dome goes around her opponent deflecting the attack.moreless
  • Another perfect combination of Zatch and Tia

    This episode,again, shows Tia and Megumi coming to Zatch and Kiyo's rescue and they team up and defeat thei8r opponent with a combination attack. This one is different because Tia and Megumi show up with two new spells thanks to Dr. Riddles.

    Giga ma seoshi-creates a dome similar to seoshi but surrounds the opponent to reflect attacks

    Saifogeo-summons a giant sword that heals Tia or anyone of her choosing

    Tia heals Kiyo and the unstoppable four battle three mamodo this time. Penny is jealous of better Tia has a relationship with Zatch. Though they end up defeating the mamodo with a combination of Giga ma seoshi and Bao Zakerugamoreless
  • Zathch and kiyo are alomost gone when tia and megumi come to help. tia has two new spells, one f which is like rashield and it helped win the battle, and one that healed kiyo.They beat the enemy team with an excellent strattegy(?) That was well done and .moreless

    This episode was pretty good but not as well as i expected to be. i Wanted to see a very good episode like some of the reviews i read here, but it did not live up to expectations. mind me it was still good though.i wish it would have been a bit more actiony.But it was a pretty cool ending with tias first new speel and zatchs fourth spell.Go Zatch Bell, the best show on earth. i hope they make more episodes like this with team battling team but a little bit better. Zatch Bell is the best show ever!

  • The superteam of Kiyo/Zatch and Tia/Megumi strike another blow for the forces of good!

    As I said in the last episode review, Zatch/Kiyo are really lucky to have Tia and Megumi by their side. The combined forces of the two mamodo teams make for a fearsome combination.

    We learn that Tia and Megumi have picked up a couple new spells since last we saw them. The first is an advanced version of Tia's Seoshi spell that redirects any attack back at the attacker. The second is a giant sword that heals its target, restoring his energy (Zatch's reaction to Kiyo getting struck with the sword was quite funny).

    In the end, our heroes prevailed, sending 2 of the evil mamodos back to the mamodo world, and Penny retreating back to Milordo Z. Next week looks cool, with Brago and Sherry getting the spotlight.

  • This episode of Zatch bell gave us a look at Tia's newest spells and let us in on more of Dr. Riddles secrets.

    This episode of Zatch bell gave us a look at Tia's newest spells and let us in on more of Dr. Riddles secrets. Tia uses her two new spells to help Zatch and Kiyo defeat the millenium momodo burning two of the books. Through flashbacks we see Tia and Megumi meet Kido and Dr. Riddles who teaches them to be stronger and tells them they are needed to help defeat the Millenium Momodo that Milordo Z has unleashed. We also learn that the new book owners had their memories taken of their time as the book owners when they are released from the spell of Milordo Z. At the end we see more millenium momodo preparing to attack Brago and Sherry.moreless

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