Zatch Bell!

Season 1 Episode 18

London Calling

Aired Tuesday 7:00 PM Jul 09, 2005 on YTV
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Zatch and Kiyo fly to London to see Kiyo's father and find the "look-alike" of Zatch. They get distracted by Kanchomé who claims that Folgore was missing and asks for Kiyo's help in finding him. Meanwhile Suzie wins a trip to Hong Kong but mistakely goes to London meeting up with Kiyo and Zatch. Later, Kiyo and Zatch meet up with Tia and Megumi.moreless

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  • good episode

    Zatch and Kiyo fly to London to see Kiyo's father and find the "look-alike" of Zatch. They get distracted by Kanchomé who claims that Folgore was missing and asks for Kiyo's help in finding him. Meanwhile Suzie wins a trip to Hong Kong but mistakely goes to London meeting up with Kiyo and Zatch. Later, Kiyo and Zatch meet up with Tia and Megumi. It starts off with a Kiyo thinks about seeing his dadc and Zatch is looking out the window which he is amazed about. He calls out to the clouds and Kiyo thiks he is like a little kid as Zatch tries to open the window but Kiyo blocks him getting hurt some. As Parco talks to himself about being handsome Kanchome cheers him on and Zatch ask if they are there yet which they land and are in England as the little horse shows up. He greets a kid who freaks out and Zatch wishes to go into everything big and Kiyo says they have to go see his dad first, some crazed fans are cheering about Parco and Kiyo is annoyed about him being there. Zatch ask if they can get tickets and Kiyo says they have to see his dad first, Kiyo is freaking out about this and the rock star stuff as he thinks about Kanchome. As Kiyo tries to avoid being spotted by him Zatch opens his big mouth and gets them spot as Kanchome calls out to them. Kiyo goes to run but Kanchome doesn't wish to fight at all and ask for help nicely which Zatch says they should help. As the girls chant about Parco and Kanchome tells about Parco having disappeared which Kiyo wishes to be told about Folgore. As he talks about being there to talk about his movie and for a concert which they show a click off where he dodges gun and cannon fire to catch a girl. As it ends Zatch and Kanchome cheer for it which Kiyo is annoyed about Parco which Kanchome talks about Parco being poor whereever he is. They have to find him in an hour for his concert and Kiyo thinks about Kanchome not being able ot do anything with Parco, as Kanchome goes to give him some drinks and Zatch goes to get the drinks he says there won't be a concert. Kiyo wishes to leave and see his dad but Zatch talks about finding him if he was lost and how this is what friends are for. Kanchome goes to tell about all of the things being left and how the autographed stuff is worth a fortune which Zatch sniffs out his scent which Zatch heads on ahead. Kanchome says for Zatch to slow down and he can't keep up and Susie is there in London and Susie is weird as she went to the wrong place. Kiyo thinks about this not being Hong Kong Susie takes off on her bus and says they will meet up later, Kanchome ask what is wrong with her and Kiyo says what isn't. As Zatch sniffs out the scent and is hungry as Kanchome eats in front of him which Kanchome says to get their own, Kiyo says there are wasting their time to help him and Zatch spots a fish as he dives into the river. As a girl poses for some pictures they thinks someoen is drowning the river and Zatch gets out to eat the fish whole which Kanchome is jealous about Zatch being able to catch a fish. Megumi and Tia are there and Kiyo tells about seeing his dad so Zatch came along, Tia says they should all take a picture together and Zatch has a fish which gets away right as the picture is taken. Kanchome is on the ground all wet and Kiyo has to help him which Zatch talks about their pictures looking great, Kiyo says they can do some site seeing and they have to find Folgore finally. Susie is lost as the little horse walks by and she walks into a sign post, Parco shows up and she ask if he is really which he jokes around. As Zatch goes to pick up his scent Kanchome is impatient and they go into a candy store and Kiyo is told about Folgore buying lots of candy from him and headed out to a flower shop. As they head to a toy store Parco talked to all of the women and Kiyo knows what he said almost word for word which Kiyo annoyed about. Zatch and Kanchome are playing with a Parco toy and Kiyo is ticked off about not being told what Parco said. They thought Parco was in trouble and he is on a date which Kiyo is upset but they are still going to help him out, Kiyo is going to give Parco a piece of his mind and Kanchome takes it literally. Kiyo is annoyed as they arrive at a hospital and Kiyo thinks he is just there to flirt with the nurses, Kiyo shows up and Susie is with Parco they tease him about how he likes Susie. Kiyo says he doesn't have a crush on Susie and as Parco heads out Kanchome chases Parco who says he has something important to do there. Kiyo talks about him about doing something important and blast Parco with lightning and as he goes down he pulls out a letter, Kanchome hopes he is okay and Parco is to see a lovely girl who is counting on him. Sounds to me like Kiyo is overreacting and Parco is going to visit a girl who is a fan and in the hospital herself to cheer her up. As Kiyo talks about Kanchome about chasing girls being more important than Kanchome to Parco, he doesn't believe it and they head to rant at Parco but he is in the room with a bunch of kids. He brought toys for all of the sicka dn injuried kids in the hospital and Kiyo finally puts it all together as Parco goes to a little girl and tells her he is going to give a special concert for everyone there. He really did go to see a girl and Parco goes to sing as Kiyo chuckles about this, Parco goes to sing his song and all of the kids sing along with him as Zatch talks about Parco being a nice guy and Susie tells about him carrying her all of the way to the hospital earlier. Kanchome is glad he is okay and Parco says he is invincible and tells the kids to sing along with him as Kiyo says they should go, Parco wishes for them to stay but Kiyo says it is okay and it is supposed to be for those kids. Kiyo tells Parco not to give up and he says he won't and he will protect Kanchome, Parco doesn't mind being late for them and as some creep follows them he grabs Kiyo's stuff and runs off with Zatch and Kiyo going to give chase now.moreless
  • A pretty decent episode.

    This episode was "pretty decent". I am using a phrase my cousin uses all the time, lol. ANYWAYS... back to the review. This episode was okay. I thought it was cool how Folgore cares about the little kids. I always thought he just cares about women and their, uhh, private parts. Well, it was a cute episode, but for some reason, I just do not like Folgore and Kanchome. So that is why I did not like this episode as much. But the part with Suzy was funny. Poor Suzy. She was getting confused with Hong Kong and Londom. lol how funny!moreless
  • Folgore shows us what a good heart he has

    This was incredibly hilarious episode, in which Kanchome is in desperate search for Folgore. Kiyo even has to give up his quest to find his father just to help poor Kanchome. Throughout the whole thing, Kiyo is constantly accusing Folgore of ditching Kanchome and his concert just so he can molest a bunch of women, when in reality he's really doing it to give presents to a bunch of sick kids in a hospital. So, how is this a special episode? Well, up to this point, I always thought Folgore was a pervert. He shows just how sensitive he can be by caring for a young sick girl in the hospital. Sure, the original was funnier, had the constant "He squeazed my body part" from every girl Kiyo talks to, and the Muteki Folgore song was a lot better, but it was still a great episode that shows a side to Folgore I've never seen before, his sensitive side.moreless
  • This episode was funny.

    London Calling was a really funny episode. Having Folgore in it, Kiyo, Zatch, & Kanchome were always late to catch him! And Suze mistaking London for Hong Kong! LOL. It was a really great episode. One of the funniest episodes of Zatch Bell. I also like the parts when Zatch is fooling around, then Kiyo gets really mad and turns into the devil!

    -SPOILER- In episode 42, Zatch faints after he goes to Kiyo's school. Then Suze visits him. And Zatch tells Suze that Kiyo is evil inside. He tells her that Kiyo is the devil!moreless
  • This is really funny.

    Tia appeared in this epiosde and they try to find Parco Folgore all Zatch caught two yellow tail fish and Kyanchome can not swim I hope they don't make another episode like this but it is a little good and a kid take Kiyo bag and now they are now trying to get him.


    what i was thinking
Melissa Fahn

Melissa Fahn

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Crispin Freeman


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Michelle Ruff


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