Zatch Bell!

Season 2 Episode 3

Penny's Revenge! Assasins on the Loose!

Aired Tuesday 7:00 PM Jun 10, 2006 on YTV

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  • good episode

    After a fun day in the park, Zatch and Kiyo decide to finish their day by building a sand castle, but at that moment Penny returns with 3 Ancient Mamodo, Dogmos, Erujo, and Boru Bora, to defeat Zatch and Kiyo and burn Zatch's book once and for all! notes on this episode: Aired in Japan on May 2, 2004. Covers chapters 104-105 of the manga.

    Chapter 104: The Rematch
    Chapter 105: The Mamodo From A Thousand Years Ago Kiyo and Zatch learn of the millenium mamodo in this episode We learn that each Millenium Mamodo and their respective owners are manipulated by Milordo Z's power. Additionally, each human partner are descendants of the people that fought alongside these Mamodos one-thousand years before them. Goren of the Stone is featured in Penny's story using his spell to turn the featured Millennium Mamodos into Stone Tablets.
  • It's a real good thing Zatch and Kiyo have Tia and Megumi on their side, or they'd have been wasted some 20 episodes ago.

    When it comes time for the calvary to arrive to save Zatch and Kiyo's hides, you know that Tia and Megumi will be there to save the day. Just like their adventure in the amusement park some 20 episodes back, our boys are on the ropes, and are about to be finished, when boom! Here comes Tia and her Sashomi shield spell to the rescue! One of the main reasons I love Tia (aside from Melissa Fahn's voice acting) is her penchant for dramatic entrances.

    Other than that, a very revealing episode, as Penny reveals more about the last mamodo battle, and Milordo Z's plot. And, of course, Tia's usual entrance at the end.
  • This episode gives us insight into Milordo Z's plan and how he was able to release the Momodo trapped in the tablets and control thier power.

    This episode gives us insight into Milordo Z's plan and how he was able to release the Momodo trapped in the tablets and control thier power. This episode starts off where the last one ended with Zatch and Kyo attacked in the park by Penny and three other Momodo's. During the fight Penny tells Zatch and Kyo how Z found the tablets which had been created by a momodo during the last battle when he froze the momodo in them with their books. After releasing them and putting them under his spell he finds the decendents of the momodo to read their books in order to use them to finish off the other momodo.
  • In this episode, Penny returns to destroy Zatch's spellbook along with 3 of the mamodo from the battle 1,000 years ago(millenuim mamodo). During the battle, she explains to Kiyo the origins of the mamodo and how they can still have spellbook owners.

    Kiyo learns that the mamodo can still have spellbook owners because Milordo Z.(Zofis) had taken direct descedents of the original owners, and then Zofis had them locked in cells where they would change the wavelengths of their hearts. Zofis did this so that the owner's hearts matched the mamodos' books. Penny then told Kiyo how Milordo Z. had erased all of the human partner's emotions except for anger and hatred.
    Then, Kiyo used the spell Bao Zakeruga(the lightning dragon), but two of the millenium mamodo cast their owns spells to stop it(which they do). Unfortunately, Zatch and Kiyo are now drained of energy, but before the millenium mamodo can burn Zatch's book, Tia and Megumi show up!
    I thought this was a great episode to watch, and it helped explain many of the questions I had on the millenium mamodo.