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Zatch Bell!

Season 1 Episode 43

Praying Mantis Joe: The Hero of Justice

Aired Tuesday 7:00 PM Jan 28, 2006 on YTV
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Episode Summary

Praying Mantis Joe: The Hero of Justice
Zatch decides to go to a Praying Mantis Joe show. And Ponygon, Suzie & the Teacher's Wife decide to come along shopping. Will Praying Mantis Joe save the day when it comes to con artists?

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  • exciting episode

    Zatch, Suzy, The Teacher's Wife, and Ponygon goes to the Mochinoki Department Store. Zatch wants to see Praying Mantis Joe! Suzy wants a Princess Pear doll! The Teacher's Wife wants a $0.50 Chop Choppin' Chopper Knife! Ponygon wants a carrot! When they get to Mochinoki Department store though... Zatch sees a middle aged bald man dressed in a Praying Mantis Joe costume. Suzy gets a Potato Man figure with a paper Princess Pear face pasted on. The Teacher's Wife gets a miniature knife that broke when it tries to cut an apple. Ponygon got a carrot that tasted awful and had a worm in it. Why is everyone sad? Zatch asks. Everyone who got ripped off demand a refund. The manager of the department store refuses, summons his henchman, and tells everyone to leave. Suddenly, Praying Mantis Joe appears! (Cue: Yûkan Ni Mairuzo!) Actually, it's the bald guy, but he's come to see that "Justice Will Prevail Without Fail!" He takes on the manager's henchman and gets beaten to a pulp. Seeing this, Suzy throws him the "Mop of Virtue!" But he can't hold it because of his Mantis Claws! Ponygon sympathizes with him. The Wife throws a pumpkin at him, knocking him out cold. Inspired by Joe, the children storm the stage, coming to save Joe. The Wife throws the unconscious Joe at the henchman, knocking him unconscious as well. Outnumbered, the manager surrenders to the people, giving them what they want. The people are happy that they got what they payed for. Zatch is happy that the brave bald guy stood up for justice. Unfortunately, Ponygon walks away with nothing but the worm from the carrot...moreless
  • Not my favorite at all!

    I do not like this episode at all! I think this is my least favorite episode of Zatch Bell. In this episode, Zatch and Suzy and that ugly lady with the purple shirt and wierd eyes go shopping. They want to buy some knives or something like that. The dumb knives are fake or do not work or something and everyone goes crazy and then Zatch wants Praying Mantis Joe to save the day. This episode is really dumb and I hate it and I never ever ever want to watch again EVER! It is the worst episode ever and that is final!moreless
  • Booooring.

    This episode wasn't completely pointless, but it wasn't very entertaining, either. The only thing that kept me watching it was the fact that it at least had some moral values to it.

    The plot for the story isn't very appealing. It's a bit drab, in my opinion.

    This is probably my least favorite Zatch Bell episode. It isn't completely worthless, and it did have it's humorous points...but I just couldn't seem to get into it. Like I said before, it isn't very appealing to me.

    Oh, well. It could have been a lot worse.moreless
  • Waste time now, ask me how!

    I totally agree with Carnego (and appreciated his subtle reference to "Love and Rocket" from Futurama.)Who is this mantis guy, and why is he included in a so far interesting (although somewhat tiring)story line? Is this supposed to reveal something about how Zatch is innocent and child like? I just thought this was a snoozefest, and found myself channel surfing.
  • 30 minutes of my life thet I\'ll never get back!

    You have got be be kidding me! This show has some totally ,kind of awesome, breath taking, spectacular fight scenes between mamodo and then an episode like this comes along.(Notice all the big words I used, I\'m purty smart) I thought that the mantis guy would turn out to be a mamodo, not some loser in a costume. Episodes such as this one confuse and infuriate me. I think that this show is fun and all but it has some of the worst episodes. I think my anger has been displayed throughout so I shall stop my review by saying nothing. Actually I just want the episodes without mamodo to be interesting.moreless

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