Zatch Bell! - Season 1

YTV (ended 2008)




Episode Guide

  • My Beloved Zatch
    Episode 52
    A mamodo who's in love with Zatch comes to Kiyo's school in search of him. When she comes face to face with Zatch, he can't remember her. She swears that she will never forgive him and will burn his book. At Kiyo's school, she challenges Kiyo and Zatch to a battle.moreless
  • The Masked Mamodo
    Episode 51
    Zofis and her partner Koko invite zatch to a mysterious ball using Suzy. But guess what it ends up being a mamodo battle but that doesn't happen in this episode. To add to the trouble Zofis is a mind controlling mamodo that has fire spells.
  • The Sixth Spell
    Episode 50
    Kiyo and Zatch continue their fight against Dr. Riddles and Kiddo with the aid of the sixth spell, Rauzuruk. Will Rauzuruk happen to be the spell that they need? Find out in this exciting episode.
  • 3/11/06
    Kiyo and Zatch are accosted by Dr. Riddles and Kedo, who use odd tactics to try to defeat our heroes. After a number of confusing riddles and puzzles, the two human/mamodo teams finally battle it out. But it seems that Dr. Riddles has learned the ins and outs of the spell book!moreless
  • 3/4/06
    Kiyo and Zatch try to find more about the mysterious tablet. Zatch recaps to Tia how many Mamodos he fought. However, a mysterious Mamodo and his bookeeper head toward Japan to claim the tablet.
  • Rumble in the Snow
    Episode 47
    As Brago and Sherry search for a Mamodo in the mountains, they must save a boy named Jeff and his grandpa from a giant grizzly bear, land developers, and an avalanche. Meanwhile, Zatch and Kiyo enjoy a recent snowfall in their town with Suzie and Ponygon.
  • 2/18/06
    Ponygon decides to look for his bookkeeper and encounters Kotaro Doronma in his journey. What are Doronma's true intentions?
  • Zatch vs. Bari
    Episode 45
    Driven by his goal to become a kind king, Zatch faces off against Bari, who only wants to be the strongest, most powerful king.
  • 2/4/06
    Bari, who been searching for an a opponent that is equal to is appellative; then he heard that there is a mamodo in Japan, that who ever mamodo goes there to battle Zatch never came out with a book. Bari challenges Zatch to duel him or else he will destroy the people that he loves. Will Zatch and Kiyo can stop him?moreless
  • Zatch decides to go to a Praying Mantis Joe show. And Ponygon, Suzie & the Teacher's Wife decide to come along shopping. Will Praying Mantis Joe save the day when it comes to con artists?
  • Coldhearted Foes
    Episode 42
    While Kiyo is in school, Apollo decides to drop in for a visit, but it wasn't really for a visit. He wanted to have a chat with him about Rops book being burnt by Zeno and his bookeeper Dufort.
  • The Invincible Kanchome
    Parco Folgore and Kanchome begin their battle against Fredo and his mamodo Bargo. With Bargo being a powerful opponent, Can Folgore and Kanchome defeat them?
  • 1/7/06
    While Folgore is flirting with all of the girls, Kanchome spots candy in a truck, but it seems to be a trap to a circus! Soon Kanchome meets a young girl named Rushka and her guardian Lilly. Kanchome promises to protect her and be her big brother! What happens when a band of thieves led by Fredo and his mamodo Bago attacks? Outside of that, Tia has her first encounter with Naomi in her outing with Zatch.moreless
  • 12/17/05
    Zatch, Kiyo, Suzie, and Mrs. Takamine win a trip to a hot springs. Unfortunately, Zatch and Kiyo end up hunted by Garza and Balansha who use hunting methods and invisibility tricks on Zatch and Kiyo. Who will win this hunt?
  • Battle in Hong Kong (2)
    Kiyo, Zatch and Li-En are on the way to save Wonrei but another mamodo comes in to crash the party. Will Zavas, the enemy, be able to take on Wonrei & Zatch, or will the duo defeat Zavas and Galliant for good? Can Zatch use the fifth spell to destroy Zavas?moreless
  • Battle in Hong Kong (1)
    Zatch & Kiyo run into a girl named Li-En whose father, the crimelord Li-Akron, has kidnapped her Mamodo Wonrei. Can the gang save him?
  • 11/26/05
    Zatch challenges Naomi against several challenges after he has a nightmare about Naomi. Meanwhile, a large lion named Gabriel escapes from the zoo where Kiyo, Suzy, Iwajime, Yamanaka, and Ponygon are visiting.
  • The Final Mirror Battle (2)
    The showdown between Zatch and Kiyo and Dr. Ichirou and Grisor officially begins. Who will win?
  • Sunset Soaked in Tears (1)
    Dr. Ichirou and Grisor now have the mirror and are now planning to take revenge on the community that ridiculed Dr. Ichirou. Now Zatch and Kiyo must stop them.
  • 10/29/05
    Zatch, Kiyo, Shion, and Nya meet up with Grisor who is the mamodo to Dr. Ichirou. He takes them to a sacred ground where the mirror will be reunited in a ritual. What are Dr. Ichirou and Gelisa's true intentions with the mirror?
  • Shion's Secret
    Episode 32
    Shion tries to steal the Mamodo Mirror from Zatch. She has to get Zatch alone. Kiyo and Zatch walk with Shion and Nya to school. When they get there everyone brought kids and animals to impress Shion. Then Shion and Nya attack Zatch. Then Kiyo jumps in and stops them from attacking and Zatch gives his Mamodo Mirror to Shion.moreless
  • 10/8/05
    Zatch finds a mirror in a lake while catching Yellowtail and takes it home as his "treasure". At Kiyo's school a very cute transfer student has come, Shion Hibiki along with her cat Nya.There are supposed to be no cats at school, but the sensei makes an exception. Hey, he brought his wife.

    Nya takes a liking to Zatch and Shion and seems to like Kiyo as well so they all walk home from school together and chat a bit. But another person with a book and a mamodo has come looking for that mirror Zatch has. Apparently, it's a demonic mirror of some sort and they need it for something. The mamodo is a pair of scissors and a tube of paste put together. Kiyo and Zatch figure out a way to stop them so that threat is gone for now. But another's right there. Seems Shion might not be as nice as we think.moreless
  • 10/1/05
    The battle between Kiyo, Zatch, Tia and Megumi VS Purio, Loopa, Zoboron, and Hige countuie while Zatch is paralyzes Tia and Megumi must use thier spell to deafeat Purio, Loopa, Zoboron, and Hige by defend and attack the ememy. And Kiyo had a plan to use Purio blue, sticky, glue and stick Zaych with Tia so Zatch can attack and finally Zatch can move protect Tia from being punch from Hige. Tia and Zatch used Zaker and Saisu comb and burn Zoboron book but Purio and Loopa got there third spell Mokerudo and use it for a smoke-screen to escape. Now Zatch Kiyo Tia and Megumi spend there rest of the day Amusement Park and Tia offer Kiyo lunch which was suppouse to be for Zatch but Tia nevorus to give it to Zatch but then Megumi ask Kiyo to help him carry sdome drinks then Zatch and Tia are loney and Zatch was getting hungry so Tia finally offer Zatch food which she made for Zatch at the begining.moreless
  • 9/24/05
    Kiyo and Zatch go into the amusement park and go on some rides and wait for Megumi and Tia to show. Zatch starts crying because he can't go on a certain ride he wants to go on, because he's too short. Then another boy starts crying because he can't go on the same ride as Zatch since he's too short as well. However the boy is not a boy, but a mamodo and he wants to destroy the ride since he can't go on it. Zatch and Kiyo stop the mamodo and his partner from attacking the ride and lead them to an isloated area to battle them. But another mamodo and his partner appear and help out the other mamodo and partner and attack Kiyo and Zatch. The human-like mamodo's spell makes Zatch stuck to the ground and the second poisons he's body so he can't move. The lizard-like mamodo uses his slow, but powerful spells that overpower Zatch and Kiyo. Kiyo uses Zatch's Zaker spell and hopes that Tia nad Megumi sees it and come to help them. Will Tia and Megumi make it on time or will Zatch and Kiyo lose?moreless
  • 9/17/05
    While on their way to meet up with Kiyo and Zatch, Tia and Megumi end up encountering Princess Marie of Karnoir and she and Megumi end up switching outfits so that Marie can have a normal life. Things go wrong when Marie's assassin captures Megumi and the princess's bodyguard Oram. Can Tia and Marie get to them in time?moreless
  • Danny Boy
    Episode 27
    While on their way to the museum, Zatch encounters a mamodo named Danny Boy. Zatch and Danny have a battle, but when they settle their differences they find out that the Shamira Statue was stolen, now Zatch and Kiyo must help Danny and Mr. Goldo with retrieving the Shamira Statue from a sinister Museum Curator.moreless
  • A Day With Zatch
    Episode 26
    Zatch is off on his own adventure. Naomi chases Zatch and end up both of them getting hurt. Then Zatch visited Ivy to take care of some plants then he left to have lunch at a different place, but Zatch discovers his lunch is gone because Naomi stole it. Then Nana Baba saw Zatch crying so she gave him some food to make him feel better. And now Zatch helps Nana Baba to find her son's girlfriend.moreless
  • 8/27/05
    After Zatch and Kiyo start the battle, it was only the beginning. Apollo has future telling powers, and Rops is one tough Mamodo. Can Zatch win against such strong opponents?
  • 8/20/05
    Apollo, a common traveler, and his Mamodo, Rops, comes across Kiyo's town, in hope of luck, and first makes an impression on Kiyo when he saves Suzy's life, with a spell that used ropes to save her from a car right before it hits her, seeing this, Kiyo is worried that the mamodo came for him and Zatch. He then speeds off to the park and plays some instruments for the little kids and Suzy. Mysteriously, he knows that Kiyo has a Mamodo,and asks him what color his book is. Kiyo sits and they talk about mamodo. When kiyo gets up he says to Apollo is life on the road really enough for you. don't you want a challenge. Apollo says ,thats it ! A new challenge and asks Kiyo and Zatch to a battle in a field outside of town. Zatch is in an emotional state when Kiyo comes to get him, and runs away to the park. While there he meets Lori, Kolulu's former book owner and then Kiyo finds Zatch with Lori and takes him to the field to Battle. Can Kiyo and Zatch beat someone with such amazing skills?moreless
  • Go For It, Ponygon
    Episode 23
    Kiyo and Zatch are finally going back to Japan, but when they get home they find something extra in their luggage, Zatch's miniature horse friend. When they get home Kiyo is upset because the Miniature horse keeps on biting him but Kiyo soon finds out that that horse is actually a Mamodo when he sees him dancing around with his spellbook. Will, Kiyo destroy Ponygon's book thinking he is a threat, or will he let Ponygon stay with them?moreless
  • The Dancing Mamodo
    Episode 22
    Now that Zatch has a new spell, it's time for them to try it out, but now they meet Jem and Yopopo. But also meeting Jem and Yopopo they meet another Mamodo, and this one isn't as friendly as Yopopo.
  • Another Zatch
    Episode 21
    Professor Takamine discovered Zatch unconscious in the woods? With a little bit of guidance and a map from his father, Kiyo headed out to a wooded area not to far from the university, with Zatch (and a couple yellowtail) in tow to find out what was going on. Tia and Megumi were in the area as well, but the female Mamodo knew that "something that looked like Zatch" was wandering around in the woods.moreless
  • Flowers of Evil
    Flowers of Evil
    Episode 20
    Kiyo & Zatch are in the cursed castle where Kory's parents are hidden. But there is an evil mamodo name Baltro, who is just hidden inside some armor kind of armor. Will Kiyo and Zatch survive against this wicked mamodo? And will he able to save his father and the rest of the village people before anything else happens?moreless
  • 7/16/05
    Kiyo and Zatch finally go and see Kiyo's father who's been kidnapped. Zatch and Kiyo then make it to the castle and right towards the entrance Parco Folgore comes in a Kanchome transformed car to apparently help as which they said, but while in the castle there are four chambers you have to get past to get to The Dark Lord. Folgore and Kanchome don't make it even past the third level, but Kiyo and Zatch did and they finally encounter The Dark Lord who happens to be a mamodo named Baltro.moreless
  • London Calling
    Episode 18
    Zatch and Kiyo fly to London to see Kiyo's father and find the "look-alike" of Zatch. They get distracted by Kanchomé who claims that Folgore was missing and asks for Kiyo's help in finding him. Meanwhile Suzie wins a trip to Hong Kong but mistakely goes to London meeting up with Kiyo and Zatch. Later, Kiyo and Zatch meet up with Tia and Megumi.moreless
  • 7/2/05
    While at camp, Kiyo must make time for each of his friends before heading off to England with the help of Zatch he finished every promise and now they now go to camp for Kiyo promise to Suzie..
  • 6/25/05
    Suzie has not be seen at school today and Kiyo is wondering what happened to her. When Kiyo gets back home, Zatch says that a statue of Suzie appeared in the front of the house with a note attach to it. Kiyo finds out that Suzie been kidnapped and told to go to a warehouse to get her back. When Kiyo and Zatch get to the warehouse they meet the mamodo Robnos and fight to get Suzie back. But the mamodo Robnos seems to be too powerful for Zatch and Kiyo to handle. Can they defeat this unstoppable mamodo?moreless
  • 6/19/05
    Zatch and Tia work as a team to defeat a Mamodo named Maruss and his bookowner. Will Zatch and Tia defeat them?
  • 6/11/05
    Kiyo goes to a concert with Suzie. Zatch wants to go but the guards won't let him go through because he doesn't have a ticket so Kiyo doesn't take him. Backstage it turns out the popstar has a mamado and one is chasing the two of them. Furthermore, Tia also knows Zatch in the mamodo world. Tia is attacked by a mamodo named Maruss and his bookeeper Rembrant with Megumi and her fans being next on their list. Zatch tries to save her enough for her to find Kiyo. Tia's partner comes and battles the two. When they are about to be defeated, Zatch and Kiyo step into the battle.moreless
  • Zatch and Kiyo are watching TV when they find out that "the wind" is stealing objects. They later discover that Hyde and Eido are back, and ready for a rematch. It isn't until Eido captures four of Kiyo's classmates that he has to fight. But when Eido and Hyde learn a second spell, and use the newly found friendship between them, can Zatch and Kiyo beat them?moreless
  • 5/28/05
    This episode is basically a flashback, telling you the exact events of when Sherry was a little girl, and her friend, Koko, first got her mamodo. It tells you how Koko was Sherry's good friends who was poor and lived on the streets. When she finally got accepted into college, a mamodo named Zofis came to her and helped her get revenge on the city that she lived in by destroying it. Sherry's main purpose now is to find Koko and defeat Zofis, so that Koko can be released from Zofis's mind control powers and turn back into the friend that Sherry once knew. Back into the present, Sherry and Brago battle a mamodo and book holder named Pokkerio and Beriko. During the fight, Brago learns a new spell, Ion Gravi-Rei, and beats Pokkerio and Beriko. They didn't burn their book, so they just took it with them.moreless
  • 5/21/05
    Zatch and Kiyo encounter a shapeshifting mamodo, Kanchome, who tricks Zatch into thinking he is Kiyo while the real one was nailed in the roof by Kanchome's partner, a singing sensation named Folgore. Kanchome (Transformed Into Kiyo) tries to make Zatch tell him where the book is, will Zatch tell him where the book is, or will Kiyo be able to escape?moreless
  • The Elite Mamodo
    Episode 10
    Zatch believes that he has found another kind mamodo, but when Kiyo discovers he and his partner plan to destroy the city, will he and and Zatch be forced to fight them?
  • The Third Spell
    Episode 9
    Zatch and Kiyo learn a new spell and go out to a secluded area to try it out. However the spell does not succeed! Meanwhile a Mamodo, Fein challenges Zatch and Kiyo to a battle, and thoroughly thrashes them. When Zaker and Rashield fail, only their last spell can save them! But can Kiyo and Zatch get it to work?moreless
  • 4/23/05
    A female Mamodo appears in the city and instantly becomes friends with a girl named Lori, sort of like how Kiyo and Zatch met, except without the smashing of windows, the mess, the yelling, the zach-er whatever your name is. The Mamodo's name is Kolulu and she is very sweet. She thinks of Lori as a big sister. Soon after Kolulu meets Zatch and instantly remembers him, they show off their dolls, Zatch with his Volcan 300, and Kolulu with her doll Tina which took Lori a week to make. Zatch feels bad because his volcan took 5 minutes to make. Then Vulcan's arm fell off. When Lori uses Kolulu's spell book, Kolulu turns into a pink haired monster and starts breaking stuff. Which is he going to do; fighting her in her otherself or sending her back to the Mamodo World like the others from the past when she proves to be one of the few good Mamodos who refuses to fight?moreless
  • Botanical Madness
    Episode 7
    Zatch tries to make friends with the same kids from last time in the park, but was shunned and made fun of, being called a freak. One of them says she's going to the zoo with her friends, Zatch doesn't have any...except Kiyo and Suzie! Kiyo "offers" to take them to the botanical gardens, only to find an old friend, Ivy, and a new enemy with a Mamodo named Sugino and his partner Haru, who've been training for the Mamodo fight. While Suzie is away, the Mamodo and his master use their powers on the trees and the people, including Ivy! Kiyo comes up with a plan to save the people and stop them, but will it be enough?moreless
  • Kiyo is sent to the hospital with Yuuta, one kid, who needs to get better. But later, Yuuta steals Zatch's red book when Kiyo is of somewhere to get juice. Now Kiyo and Zatch must get the red book back before the dangers Yuuta could possibly do to it, such as burn it!moreless
  • The Dark Mamodo (2)
    When Kiyo and Zatch encounter Sherry and Brago, they have a mamodo battle. At the last minute, Kiyo declares a powerful Zaker attack to cancel out Brago's Gigano Reis. This leaves Kiyo unconscious, will Kiyo's book be burnt afterall?
  • The Dark Mamodo
    Episode 5
  • The Great Mamodo Battle (1)
    After finding Zatch showing off his powers, Kiyo abandoned Zatch. Zatch found a lost dog on a bridge. Then, a strange girl named Sherry and her weird mamodo, Brago, came to Kiyo's house. When Zatch came home with his dog, he heard Kiyo, Brago, and Sherry talking. When Zatch heard that Sherry said that if Kiyo keeps him, Kiyo will get hurt, he left. When Zatch left, he saw a strange man in a cloak. When the man pulled out a book, the dog that Zatch found turned into a spiky rock dog named Gofure. What will happen? Will Zatch win?moreless
  • 5/4/03
  • The Second Spell, Part 2
    Hosakawa and Reycom take their revenge on Zatch and Kiyo after the foiled bank robbery in the last episode.
  • A Freezing Spell, Part 1
    Kiyo and Zatch run into another mamodo team. This mamodo has icy powers, his name is Reycom. But now, that Reycom's partner, Hosakawa, is holding up a bank, they must battle there. Zatch gets frozen. Kiyo must learn the true power of the spell book in order to get out of this mess.moreless
  • Kiyo is a junior high student who's a genius, yet repeatedly cuts his classes because he is literally smarter than most teachers in the school. Meanwhile, in a forest in England, Kiyo's father who is an archaeologist discovers a mamodo child named Zatch, who has no memory of who he is or of his past. Kiyo's father sends Zatch to Kiyo as a sort of mentor. However, Kiyo doesn't take kindly to Zatch's efforts. The 14-year-old pulls a prank on the boy by saying he'll rescue Zatch from the schoolyard bully. Even as Zatch is pummeled by the bully, Zatch continues to stick up for Kiyo. Kiyo finally steps out from behind a door to aid Zatch, and basically gets his butt kicked. Then out of the blue, a skateboarder rides onto the roof with another kid like Zatch on his shoulder and, somehow, blows away the bully. Literally. The skateboarder, Eido, attempts to claim Suzy, Zatch's newly-found friend and Kiyo's childhood friend, as his prize. Zatch and Kiyo are both overwhelmed by anger, and with the help of a magic book and forces that they can't explain, get rid of the strange teenager and the smaller boy with a viscous lightning bolt. As Kiyo wonders about Zatch's true power, two others watch from afar. Others that know things far too terrible for anyone to know.moreless
  • Zatch and Kiyo's Odyssey
    Kiyo and Zatch are thinking about all that has happened in the past, and all the mamodos that they have faced.