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Zatch Bell!

Season 2 Episode 30

Selfish Penny's Goodbye

Aired Tuesday 7:00 PM Oct 05, 2007 on YTV
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Episode Summary

Zatch and friends continue to battle the huge mamodo. But when Penny and Bianco help them Zatch gets a new outlook of Penny.

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    Good-bye Penny and Byonko!!!! We will miss you (I guess)!This is an episode I will never 4get!!! The episode was great. Zatch and the others are out of power (as a matter of fact, Kiyo and Wonrei are knocked out!), but Penny and Byonko come to help them defeat Demolt. Penny thies valiently to destroy the stone of moonlight, but she fails. Thats when Byonko gained enough courage to help. Byonko and Penny come up with a brilliant plan to get to the stone of moonlight. it works twice. The second time, when Penny and Byonko are mid-air, Demolt attacks the and burns their books. Byonko disappears quickly, but Penny keeps on going. She tricks Demolt and runs up his wings to destroy the stone of moonlight. She succeeds, but Demolt attacks he. Thats when Zatch and Ponygon take action to save her life (if she got hit by the attack, she would have died and not have returned to the mamodo world. It was a tearjerker. I almost cried when she went away.(almost)moreless

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