Zatch Bell!

Season 2 Episode 1

So Giaku! The Water Dragon of Rage!

Aired Tuesday 7:00 PM May 27, 2006 on YTV
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The battle between Penny and Zatch continues, when a unknown mamodo shows up.

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  • good episode

    The battle between Penny and Zatch continues, when a unknown mamodo shows up. Penny is still angry with Zatch. Zatch and Kiyo try to escape Penny's cleverly water attacks designed to counter Zatch's moves. When Kiyo and Zatch survive the attack Penny gets more angry.

    Penny reveals her strongest spell, So Giaku.

    Zatch and Kiyo counter with the Bao Zakeruga. The Bao Zakeruga proves to be too much for the So Giaku and Byanko arrive in the nick of time to save them, but he forgot to bring his human partner. Barely surviving, Penny and Byanko are carried off by Uri. Byanko takes Uri and Penny to meet Zofis and Koko who convince Penny to run his army of mamodo.moreless
  • Kiyomaro and Gash use Zakeruga but failed and then used Rashirudo and succeded in hiding themselves. Kiyomaro then uses Rauzaruk but there is no effect. Penny then used her water dragon spell while Gash used Baou Zakuruga and Baou Zakeruga is stronger.moreless

    I found this episode to be well written and exciting and I also love this episode because I find it astonishing that the writters of this show can make a certain scene so hilarious when in the middle of such a serious moment. My personal favorite scene is probably either when Patie/Penny and Gash/Zatch were fighting while Patie was using the water claw while Gash was using the sixth spell or when the water and electric dragon were fighting each other. I hope that in the future there will be more fights like this one with the same excitement and action. I found it that Patie is an interesting chracter with a lot of sides, we got to see her sweet-ish side, her angry side, her Gash-loving side, her bragging side and her Revengeful side.moreless
  • Zatch's Bao Zakeruga vs. Penny's So Giaku.

    This episode is a continuation of the battle between Penny and Zatch, and it was great! The climax of Zatch and Penny's fight was probably when Zatch used the bao zakeruga vs. the so giaku. Don't you just love dragon vs. dragon? Then, the frog, Bianco, came in. He was pretty interesting... He was pretty careless, too. He was unable to help Penny in the end, and she lost to Zatch. Uri had to carry both of them away! Then, Penny is introduced to Milordo Z, and he reveals his plans to her with the stone tablets! I thought this was an exciting episode, and it was pretty funny as well, especially when Zatch agreed to go on a date with Penny! It never happened though. All in all, definitely worth watching.moreless
  • A Review

    Ok this is a contenuation from the last episode.....Penny contenues her battle with Zatch and uses Aruda Kuran on Zatch!After that Zatch Confes He Rememberss her [But he is ling] and then he gets a little out of hand! Then she finds the New Spell So Giaku...A Water Dragon spell!She Uses So Giaku and Zatch Uses BAO ZAKERUGA....Zatch\'s Bao Zakeruga beats her So Giaku and Then When the BAO ZAKERUGA comes for Penny BYONKO takes the hit...He makes up his own spell but then he remembers his partner is at the dentist\'s office....Find out more when you watch the show...moreless

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