Zatch Bell!

Season 2 Episode 9

Spell of Sorrow

Aired Tuesday 7:00 PM Aug 05, 2006 on YTV

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  • This episode had some really awesome fighting going on.

    At first I noticed from the start that Alm is a good mamodo like Zatch because in episode 57 he was happy that he wasn't fighting and wished Zatch good luck. It was really cool how Kanchome won against a really powerful mamodo that was really cool and great to watch. There was one funny part when Folgore introduced himself to the humans that were being controlled and they wanted there autograph's which was really funny and I loved that part alot. I will definately gives this episode a perfect 10 out of 10 and we also meet 2 new mamodoes Laila and Victoream and it was really cute how Laila was playing with her little car toys it was so cute.
  • burn those books.

    darn that was one hard fought battle between zatches team agaisnt the 1,000 year old mamodo team. zatch learned in this episode that not to hold back in batle like this one. also kanchome was the first mamodo to burn a book with a match. i wonder were he got that match from. unless that's part of his transformation. well a good episode.
  • Very exciting 1000 year old mamodo battles! Zatch and the gang are still in it to win it!

    The episode still continues the battle between the three 1000 yr. old mamodo vs. our heros. Folgore, Kanchome, and Ponygon are still running from Ganz. Then they create a plan to stop him. Using Poruk, Kanchome shrinks and goes for the spellbook, with a matchstick. Already know what going to happen? Kanchome tries to burn the spellbook without the owner noticing. In Zatch and Tia's battle, Zatch desides not to fight with force to save the human partners and the mamodos, Alm and Geluos. Also including Naomi and Suzy missing Zatch and Kiyo, this is an exciting episode. With Zatch not wanting to fight back, trying to beat three mamodo without alerting Milord Z and Koko, and trying not to die from exhaustion, every does there part in "Spell of Sorrow".
  • Kanchome, Tia, Zatch and their partners continue fighting millenium mamodo. Each one of the millenium mamodo are defeated.

    This was a great epsiode. Alm is really cool. I knew from the first time he showed up that he was good at heart.

    Kanchome continues fighting Ganz, which Zatch and Tia are fighting Geleos and Alm.

    Kanchome had a hard time fighting Ganz because he could tell he was sad, and that he didn't want to fight. He ends up using his second spell to make himself small. Then he lights a match on the ground and uses it to light Ganz's book on fire. He then returns to the mamodo world. This is how Kanchome has endeared himself to me, he has become a good battler, and a nicer person too. He remarks that if him and Ganz ever meet in the mamodo world, he wants to be friends.

    Zatch and Tia continue fighting the other two mamado. Zatch tries to indirectly attack Alm. He doesn't want to hurt him, because he found out that they're not being controlled. It's not working though. Zatch ends up blocking Alm's most powerful attack with Bao Zakerga, and Tia blocks Geleous' best attack with Ma Seshield. Which somehow lights Alm's and Geleous' book on fire...

    Geleous' book burns first, and he disapears. Alm then reveals that a special moonlight that is healing the millenium mamodo. He also reveals that if a millenium mamodo doesn't want to fight, and tries to burn another's book, then they are both turned back into stone! He says that he's seen it happen to one mamodo (I don't know who though...) He makes Zatch promise to be stronger because of the other millenium mamodo waiting to fight. He then disapears. Tia reveals that Alm could've been one of the good mamodo from 1000 years ago.

    We then are switched to another place in the ruins, where Laila (A millenium mamdo who makes her debut in this episode) is playing with some toy cars. She then sees Victoream (Another millenium mamado) walking out of the ruin towards Zatch and the gang. He tells Laila that he's tired of waiting, and he wants to go fight alone. Also, I don't like Laila's voice, it's really creepy.

    By the way, Dr. Riddle's approaches Brago and Sherry in pursuit of them joining their cause, but they decline... But not before beating another millenium mamodo named Bamu.

    I thought this was a great episode with awesome fights and every major character in it :) Well, except Li-En and Wonrei...
  • Zatch, Kiyo, Tia, Megumi, Kanchome, Folgore, and Ponygon continue their search for Zofis, while trying to survive the onslaught that Mammodo from a thousand years ago are creating.

    This isn't my favorite episode, but a great episode all the same. They continue their fight with three of the Mammodo from a thousand years ago, and Zatch decides to continue fighting with the sixth spell, Razaruk, because his other spells don't seem to be efficient enough, and because that is just what Zatch wants to do. Folgore, Kanchome, and Ponygon are still running, and then make up a plan: Kanchome uses the Poruk spell to shrink size, light a match sneak up on the owner of the book of the Mammodo chasing them, jump onto the book, and set it on fire before they notice. Megumi has a plan as well: While the other two Mammodo are fighting Zatch and Kiyo, Megumi sneaks up on the owners of the books of the other two Mammodos, take the books, and makes this known to the other two Mammodo, and sets the two books on fire. All three of the ancient Mammodo dissapear, and the owners return to normal. Zatch, Kiyo, Tia, Megumi, Kanchome, Folgore, and Ponygon go ahead to Zofis and Koko, also knowing that they will have to face more Mammodo from a thousand years ago.
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