Zatch Bell!

Season 2 Episode 9

Spell of Sorrow

Aired Tuesday 7:00 PM Aug 05, 2006 on YTV

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  • Very exciting 1000 year old mamodo battles! Zatch and the gang are still in it to win it!

    The episode still continues the battle between the three 1000 yr. old mamodo vs. our heros. Folgore, Kanchome, and Ponygon are still running from Ganz. Then they create a plan to stop him. Using Poruk, Kanchome shrinks and goes for the spellbook, with a matchstick. Already know what going to happen? Kanchome tries to burn the spellbook without the owner noticing. In Zatch and Tia's battle, Zatch desides not to fight with force to save the human partners and the mamodos, Alm and Geluos. Also including Naomi and Suzy missing Zatch and Kiyo, this is an exciting episode. With Zatch not wanting to fight back, trying to beat three mamodo without alerting Milord Z and Koko, and trying not to die from exhaustion, every does there part in "Spell of Sorrow".