Zatch Bell!

Season 1 Episode 34

Sunset Soaked in Tears (1)

Aired Tuesday 7:00 PM Nov 05, 2005 on YTV
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Sunset Soaked in Tears (1)
Dr. Ichirou and Grisor now have the mirror and are now planning to take revenge on the community that ridiculed Dr. Ichirou. Now Zatch and Kiyo must stop them.

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  • exciting episode

    Dr. Ichirou and Grisor now have the mirror and are now planning to take revenge on the community that ridiculed Dr. Ichirou. Now Zatch and Kiyo must stop them. Star: Jason Spisak (Kiyo), Debi Derryberry (Zatch) Recurring Role: R. Martin Klein (Grisor), Steven Jay Blum (Dr. Hakase), Stephanie Sheh (Shion) notes on this episode: Aired in Japan on November 30, 2003. This episode is a filler episode. There was a nameless golem mamodo who had attacked grisor in a flashback battle. 16 out of a 100 mamodo have been destroyed so far.

    Burned Books:

    Nya Gelisa's New Spell:

    Akagara - Makes a river of lava come out from the ground and Grisor can control it. The Mamodo Mirror is used for the first time. 4th episode of a 5 episode saga.moreless
  • Very sad.

    This is a very very sad episode! I can not believe they burnt Nya's book. Poor Shion! She was crying so hard. Shion thought that her and Nya would be together forever with the mirror, but that dumb evil guy and his mamodo partner tricked them. The mirror makes a mamodo like five or ten times more powerful and Grissor used it and he was super powerful. He burnt Shion's book and that was very sad because not only Nya can not stay in the human world, but she was sent back to the mamodo world right away. For a filler episode, this was very good.moreless
  • A good episode

    Zatch, Kiyo, Nia, and Shion go after Grisor and the mirror. Just when Zatch and Kiyo are about to catch up to Grisor Dr. Ichirou sets off one of his many traps throughout the forrest. Some of the traps he has for them are falling trees and holes in the ground. When Zatch, Kiyo, Shion, and Nia surround Grizor Dr. Ichirou finnaly shows up and tells them about the true power of the mirror which is that it increases the power of an attack by 100%. This is shown when Grisor becomes a hugh monster and when he unleashes his fire attack for the second time. After Grisor knocks out Nia, Shion goes to her defence but Grisor unleashes another attack and Nia pushes Shion out of the way. While Shion is being pushed out of the way her backpack catches on fire along with the spell book. Nia is then sent back to the mamodo homeworld. Zatch and Kiyo now have to battle Grisor and his super strength alone.moreless
  • A very good, yet sad episode

    This was a real sad episode. After losing everything all Shion wanted was a friend which she had in Nya. All she wanted to do was be with Nya forever and in one episode that was whisked away from her. I have to say Nya was one of my favorite mamodos yet. I liked how the episode title also reflects on the events of the episode which made it good. It was also sad to see another mamodo that Zatch became fast and easy friends with was sent back so easily and see how he takes it yet again. This has to be one of my favorite episodes of the show so far.moreless
  • Zatch and Nya VS Grisor

    Dr. Hakase and Grisor now have the mirror and are now planning to take revenge on the community that ridiculed Dr. Hakase. Now Zatch and Kiyo must stop them. Grisor about to attack Shion bhut Nya book got hit and got his book burn. Shion cry a lot now it is up to Zatch and Kiyo to beat Grisor

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