Zatch Bell!

Season 1 Episode 22

The Dancing Mamodo

Aired Tuesday 7:00 PM Aug 06, 2005 on YTV
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Now that Zatch has a new spell, it's time for them to try it out, but now they meet Jem and Yopopo. But also meeting Jem and Yopopo they meet another Mamodo, and this one isn't as friendly as Yopopo.

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  • good show

    Now that Zatch has a new spell, it's time for them to try it out, but now they meet Jem and Yopopo. But also meeting Jem and Yopopo they meet another Mamodo, and this one isn't as friendly as Yopopo. Kiyo, Zatch, and Suzy head off to a local countryside for a picnic..and to practice Zatch's newest spell. But they are distracted by the song and dance of a cute little Mamodo named Yopopo..and a slightly bratty but caring bookkeeper named Jem. It turns out that Jem does like Yopopo and does want to care for the little guy, but there were just several things that she couldn't stand about having the thing around. First of all, all it knew how to speak was its own strange language of "Yopopoi!" (and a couple other words...mostly with the "popo" ending) Secondly was how it kept dancing constantly for several weeks on end, never stopping without a little bit to eat. But the worst part of having a Mamodo: another Mamodo/bookkeeper combo was after them, attacking Jem's family and trying to find and destroy Yopopo's book! Even though there were things she didn't like about him, Jem wanted to keep Yopopo around and prevent him from fighting. But when the gentleman and his immense Mamodo Kikuropo arrived on the scene, Yopopo went right after them: regardless of whether it had the book or even Jem around, it knew it had to stop the hulking stone-covered giant at all costs! It launched attack after attack but to no avail in stopping the thing. But when Jem finally realized everything it was doing was for her, she finally chose to stand up and fight along side her partner! But it was this courage that would eventually lead to their downfall: when Kiclops launched a flaming fist attack (Emurulon), Yopopo took most of the impact...but Jem's book still got hit and caught on fire! But even with things at its most dire and with its own life fading away back to the Mamodo world, Yopopo continued to fight on to defeat its opponent. It is this sad tragedy that awakens the courage within Kiyo's own heart and unleashed the fourth spell from Zatch: "Baou Zakergua", an immense electrical dragon that instantly crushed Kiclops' stone armor! With the opponent weakened, Yopopo and Jem launched one final attack that finally sent the cyclops back to the Mamodo world. But it was still too late for Yopopo...its book was burning and he had to go back now. But with his final words, it finally said Jem's name correctly. Kiyo and Zatch took it all in, knowing that as many friends and allies they will make in this Mamodo fight, they all will have to go back somedaymoreless
  • Awww Yopopo is so cute!!!

    Awww oh my gosh yopopo is so cute! So is Jem! They are both so cute. I love this episode. It is so sweet how him and Gem met. Also, it is kind of sad how those people attacked Gem's family and she blamed Yopopo for it. But the best thing about this episode was Yopopo's dance! Lol he just does it over and over again. And when him, Zatch, and Suzy were doing it, that was so funny. The end of this episode was sad though. When Yopopo leaves, and Gem is crying. Even when she put the book in the water, it would not put out the fire.moreless
  • it was really sad b-cuz yopopo book got burned

    this eposide was really sad b-cuz yopopo book got burned it reall sucks i wish it didin't i blamstupid british gentelmen n his big mamodo partner h h h h h h h h hhhhhhh h h h h h h hh h h h h hh h h h h h h h h h h h h h h h h h h h h h h h h h h h h h h hh h h h h h h h h h h h h h h hh hh h h h h h h h hmoreless
  • Zatch meets a friend and a foe.

    This was a pretty good episode but, it was very sad. Zatch met this dancing mamodo that cared for his book owner but, sadly a bad mamodo came and caused trouble. He was too much for just one mamodo, but two on one beat him. Zatch destroyed his armor and the singing mamodo attacks finished him off. The bad mamodo however, burned the dancing guys book and everyone was sad. This is one of the saddest episodes of Zatch Bell I've seen. The battle was really good though by introducing the power of Bao Zakeraga. With all this said it was a good episode.moreless
  • Two books burned. One ally, one enemy. It\\\'s so sad though!!! It was awful to watch Yopopo leave!

    Well, Zatch Kiyo and Suzi are at the beach ready to practice Zatch\\\'s new spell, but they never get a chance to because they see a young girl named Jen (or is it Jem?) with her mamodo Yopopo. She doesn\\\'t know that Zatch is a mamodo though.

    Here is the boring part, Zatch, Kiyo, Suzi, and Jen are having lunch. We learn that Jen hates Yopopo because he tries to lure another mamodo team to them using a dance and song. But, Jen is a Contrary (Meaning she always does the opposite of what people tell her to do) So she really loves Yopopo.

    The other mamodo team finally comes to them, and the battle begins, This is one of the coolest battles ever! Yopopo uses Song beams to attack the enemy, but because of the enemy mamodos armor, it doesn\\\'t hurt him.

    Jen learns that Zatch is a mamodo when Kiyo uses Rashield, and Zaker against him (I know, DUH!) This is a mistake, Kiyo then says if 1-3 didn\\\'t work, then he\\\'ll try number 4, but he never used Jikerdor! The new spell, Bau Zakeruga, didn\\\'t work the first time, but after Jen\\\'s book starts burning, he\\\'s able to use it...

    But, Yopopo starts smiling when his book starts burning, this is because he never wanted Jen or her family to get hurt, which is what would happen if he stuck around.

    After Kiyo uses his new spell, it summoms up a humongous lightning dragon that breaks the enemy mamodos armor. Jen then uses the song beam spell and burns the enemys book.

    Jen the frantically tries to put out the fire on Yopopos book, but to no avail. Yopopo then is able to say his first real word ever (until then, the only things he could say are words like Yopopoi, and topopoi) he says \\\"Jen\\\" Jen the reveals that she loves yopopo.

    This episode was really sad because of Yopopo\\\'s book being burned. But the battle, and Bau Zakeruga were awesome!!

    I definitely think this episode is one for the Zatch Bell history books!moreless
Jonathan Fahn

Jonathan Fahn

British Gentleman

Guest Star

Dave Mallow

Dave Mallow

Kikuropu, Yopopo

Guest Star

Dorothy Elias-Fahn

Dorothy Elias-Fahn

Djem, Djem's Mother

Guest Star

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