Zatch Bell!

Season 1 Episode 5

The Dark Mamodo (2)

Aired Tuesday 7:00 PM Apr 02, 2005 on YTV

Episode Recap

After hearing Zatch scream, Kiyo ran downstairs, he paused and watched from the stairs. He runs down and pushes Zatch out of the way of an attack, which left a dent in the wall. Sherry asks Brago if it's another mamodo, already knowing the answer, he replies affirmative and asks what they should do. She tells him to let them beat each other up a bit. Downstairs, Zatch tells Kiyo that the dog is his friend; Kiyo tells Zatch that if it's so, he'd hate to see his enemies and sends a lightning attack at the charging monster after they cast another spell. When the man uses another spell, that sends sharp rocks out of the dogs back, Kiyo jumps in front of Zatch and takes the hit himself. Sherry decided to put an end to 'these childish games' and intervened. Brago jumps down the stairs, landing directly in front the intruders with his palm out, ready. Sherry shouts the 'Reis' spell, and the same ball that hit Kiyo knocked the dog out, turning it back to a puppy. Sherry tells the man to leave the book and get out, he glances at Brago, noting how powerful they were, and he drops the book and retreats. Sheri picks it up and turns to the pair on the floor, she puts them under her second spell; it surrounds Kiyo in a dark magnetic field. Zatch keeps shaking Kiyo and trying to pry the book from his grasp, saying to just give it to them and he'd just leave. Kiyo refused and fights the spell, shocking both Sheri and Brago. He tells Sherry, that compared to whatever problem she has, his may not seem big, and goes into a speech about his life while walking towards her with his hand outstretched. She uses her spell to blast him into the wall, and puts Zatch under the Gravi Rei. Kiyo fights again, Sheri thinks to herself, wondering why he could resist when he shouldn't be able to lift a finger, let alone move while wounded badly. Kiyo encourages Zatch to fight, saying that he would repay him for every little thing he did, that they were friends. Sheri starts having flashbacks of herself as a kid, but quickly pushes pitying thoughts away, declaring no mercy. She tells Brago that they'll use their most powerful spell, Gigano Reis, he seems a little unsure. They cast it anyway, and by that time, the red book was glowing, Brago noted it was more powerful than before. For a dramatic battle finish, Kiyo and Zatch assure each other that they will fight together as friends, and cast Zaker at the last minute, stopping a gigantic black ball of gravity from blasting them to oblivion. After the smoke clears, Kiyo stumbles to Sherry and grabs hold of one of the two curlrs that she keeps out of the clip. He says that no matter what he won't give up the book before passing out. Sheri picks the book up saying that he could've spared himself all that pain. But the memories return; a girl was holding a red-orange book, twirling happily in front of a burning house, everything was tinted with an orange hue from the fiery glow. Zatch sits up abruptly and notices Kiyo, he scrambles over and shakes him; Sheri tells Zatch that he was just unconscious. She asks Zatch to tell Kiyo to fight and not lose, that her and Brago wouldn't forgive them if they were beaten by anyone other than themselves. They then made their exit leaving them alone, for now. Outside Sherry asks Brago if anything is on his mind, because he had a bewildered and thoughtful look on his face. He simply says that it's nothing, but thinks to himself that she looks different, happy almost.

Sheri say's that they should rest up a bit; in an indignant tone, Brago tells her not to compare him to "you humans that need to rest all the time". With a final glance at Kiyo's home, she enters the waiting car. Hours later, Kiyo is bandages from his waist up nailing in boards in attempt to fix the damage. His mother comes home declaring it an act of dressing up like a mummy to make her feel sorry for him. While she rants Kiyo manages to pass out again, and she rants some more while Zatch tries to make him wake up.

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