Zatch Bell!

Season 1 Episode 5

The Dark Mamodo (2)

Aired Tuesday 7:00 PM Apr 02, 2005 on YTV

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  • A very good episode. Brago and Sherry are really good characters. and i really enjoyed watching it!! it was an awesome and well made the writers should be proud..

    a very good excellent it was original and very good.
    Brago was a really awesome mamodo because he was gothic and strong and smart and had really good spells. the idea of having gravity as an element was really inventive they usuallt give the evil (well they're not really evil but you get the gist) character dark powers. Sherry looked really smart and she sounded like she was really trying to help kiyo by burning his book (even if it was all about beating everyone) they were a powerful pair and they didnt actually seemed evil which was good. they have their own reasons for battle and its not be the best and the strongest and to be greedy and be the king and they dont do it so that they can be a kind king and get more powerful and be loyal and good and benevolent etc. theyre not good or evil theyre great characters!!

    the idea for the mamodo dog was good i wasnt expecting him to be a mamodo i thought it was really original
    Zatch and Kiyo, i believe are officialy friends from this episode and onwards.
    All in all this is an extremely well made and orininal episode.