Zatch Bell!

Season 1 Episode 35

The Final Mirror Battle (2)

Aired Tuesday 7:00 PM Nov 12, 2005 on YTV
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The Final Mirror Battle (2)
The showdown between Zatch and Kiyo and Dr. Ichirou and Grisor officially begins. Who will win?

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  • good episode

    The showdown between Zatch and Kiyo and Dr. Ichirou and Grisor officially begins. Who will win? star on this episode: Star: Debi Derryberry (Zatch), Colleen O'Shaughnessey (Suzie), Jason Spisak (Kiyo) Recurring Role: Steven Jay Blum (Dr. Hakase), R. Martin Klein (Grisor), Stephanie Sheh (Shion) notes on this episode:Aired in Japan on December 7, 2003. This episode is a filler episode. 17 out of a 100 mamodo have been destroyed so far. The mamodo mirror is destroyed in this episode, never to be used again Bao Zakeruga is used in this episode, the 3rd time in the series Burned Books:

    Gelisa Final episode of a 5 episode saga.moreless
  • Zatch finally beats Grisor.

    In this episode, Grisor is more powerful then ever. Because of the mirror, he is five or ten times more powerful than before. In the last episode, he burnt Shion's book. So in this episode, it is a showdown. Zatch Bell and Kiyo vs. Grisor and his book owner (I forgot his name, but its that creepy scientist or what ever). So, they fight Zatch and Kiyo are losing pretty bad. But Shion attacks that scientist guy and he drops the mirror and the mirror shatters. Grissor is a weakling again and Zatch and Kiyo kick some butt. This episode was very good.moreless
  • Zatch vs. Grisor the final battle

    The showdown between Zatch and Kiyo and Dr. Ichirou and Grisor begins. Shion is still dealing with Nya's book being burned. Kiyo and Zatch remember how each of them was weak and when they found eachother they became strong. This inspires Shion to gain confidence in herslef and help Zatch and Kiyo. Shion attacks Dr. Ichirou and knocks the mirror out of his hand. When the mirror lands it cracks but doesnt break. Dr. Ichirou picks up the mirror and both Zatch and Grisor use their most powerful attacks. The mirror finaly breaks and Grisor attack fails. Zatchs attack hits Gtisor, Dr. Ichirou, and Grisor spell book. After the battle Shion decides to leave and go to another school. She asks Zatch to become a kind king. Zatch says that he will and that he will never forget Shion or Nya.moreless
  • The ultimate battle!

    Zacth faces off against a mamodo that is unstoppable due to the mamodo mirror. In this episode it is shown how emotions overpower weakness. Zatch was about to lose until, Shion put a crack in the mirror thus causing it to break and when it broke, Zatch used the Fourth Spell to destroy his opponent. This was an episode showing that Zatch will never give up no matter how weak he is or how strong the opponent is. Zatch keeps fighting and that is what makes this show an all time great. Zatch Bell won't stop until he becomes king and he will defeat all wicked mamodo in his way.moreless
  • Zatch and Grisor finish their battle.

    This has got to be one of the greatest Zatch Bell! episodes of all time, even considering it's a filler. The battle itself was great, from start to finish! I love seeing the bao zakeruga, so the finish was great. It was good to see Shion realize that she had been selfish and decide to help Kiyo and Zatch. Without her, Zatch Kiyo would have probably lost their fight. In the end though, I was really sad to see Shion leave.:( Even though she was a filler character, I still hope she may come back eventually:) She was just too good of a character to get rid of, in my opinion!moreless

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