Zatch Bell!

Season 1 Episode 4

The Great Mamodo Battle (1)

Aired Tuesday 7:00 PM Mar 26, 2005 on YTV

Episode Recap

The episode starts out Kiyo, at school, thinking about the battle against Reycom and Hosokawa. Zatch is now depressed because he now knows who can shoot lighting, him. Kiyo is actually missing his go-lucky optimism and wishs he could help him. As he is walking from school, he sees Zatch ontop of the clock tower near the park. It's pretty high up, and Kiyo goes off thinking he's going to jump, since he's so depressed.

My Special Thing

He starts charging to try to catch him then all the sudden, Zatch yells into the clouds, "Shoot forth, lighting bolts! Now!".* He then runs into the play equipment. The kids around the clock tower start saying that Zatch is a liar and can't shoot out lighting. Zatch then says that he's going to turn that slide into BBQ. Then Kiyo karate chops Zatch in the head. While Zatch's "friends" are walking away, Kiyo gives Zatch a lecture about his "special thing". He says you should not go around town saying you can shoot lighting. Kiyo is really mad now and storms off, leaving Zatch in the rain.
*Japanese version

A New Friend

After storming off himself, Zatch finds a stray dog. He then, with the dog, is walking back towards Kiyo's house. At the house, the doorbell rings. He thinks it's Zatch and is going to make his beg for forgiveness, but it's really Sherry and Brago at the door. They say they're not here to fight, but to talk. Kiyo cautiously opens the door to let them in. They all go upstairs into Kiyo's room. Outside, Zatch and his "friend" go into Kiyo's house and see another pair of shoes on the floor, so he goes upstairs very quietly. He hears two other people in Kiyo's room that are talking about him.

The Mamodo Battle

Sherry starts off by saying that, "To put it simply...Zatch is what is called a mamodo. You see, the kid is...not of this world. He's is only here to fulfill his destiny".* Then she starts saying that the mamodo world, where these little monsters come from, has a law that there is a king to rule this world. "Every 1000 years, a new king is crowned in a battle here. Thrown into the human world...the chosen 100 of them arrive with their find human partners...and to fight for the mamodo throne. The rules are simple. Each of us has a book to help us raise them...and develop their power. The books are powered by human emotion. Furthermore...if these books are burnt...the kids lose their qualifications to become king and are forcibly sent back to the mamodo world."* After saying that, Kiyo then remembers what happened to Reycom and why he was trying to stop the book from burning. Kiyo ten says, "So the kids are..." Sherry then interrupts his statement with, "Yes, these mamodo children will fight in the human world, burning each others' books...until only one is left" Kiyo then babbles, "So he...the one at the end..." Then after all this time Brago says, "He'll be the next king!"

A Battle After All

Sherry then offers again to take the book from Kiyo's care. After Kiyo refuses, again, Sherry then yells, "Reis...". Then, a ball of energy is forming at Brago's hand. It's then released for a direct attack at Kiyo. Sherry then goes on how Zatch will ruin his life forever and that it will never be the same. "If you stay with that kid you'll have to give up your normal life!" Sherry exclaims. "This battle is more than just burning books! Some mamodo will even destroy their foes! And now you're caught up in it! Even if you decide to hang on to that book of yours...that monster will only result in grief for you!!"* After hearing this, Zatch starts to cry and walks, with the stray, back downstairs. Just then, Zatch sees a man with a raincoat standing in the doorway. He then yells, "Doruk!". All the sudden, the dog starts to transform into something horrible!

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