Zatch Bell!

Season 1 Episode 4

The Great Mamodo Battle (1)

Aired Tuesday 7:00 PM Mar 26, 2005 on YTV

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  • great episode

    After finding Zatch showing off his powers, Kiyo abandoned Zatch. Zatch found a lost dog on a bridge. Then, a strange girl named Sherry and her weird mamodo, Brago, came to Kiyo's house. When Zatch came home with his dog, he heard Kiyo, Brago, and Sherry talking. When Zatch heard that Sherry said that if Kiyo keeps him, Kiyo will get hurt, he left. When Zatch left, he saw a strange man in a cloak. When the man pulled out a book, the dog that Zatch found turned into a spiky rock dog named Gofure. What will happen? Will Zatch win?
  • Kiyo finds out about a battle.

    Kiyo Takanime finds out about a certain battle that will change his life, a battle to become king of the mamodo (demon) world. Every one thousand years, one hundred mamodo (demons) come in to the Human World to fight. The winner of this battle becomes ruler of the mamodo (demon) world. But each mamodo (demon) needs a human book owner that will read the spells. If a book is burnt, the fire cannot be put out. The mamodo (demon) will return to the mamodo (demon) world. The last one standing will be king. Will Kiyo give up his book to Brago and Sherry?
  • This episode explains why the mamodo battle takes place. It also shows tensions that are rising between Zatch and Kiyo.

    The episode starts out Kiyo having flashbacks about their battle between Reycom and Hosokawa. Now Zatch is depressed that he learned his "special thing", the hard way. AS Kiyo walks from school he sees Zatch ontop of the clock. It about 100 ft. and Kiyo thinks that he's gonna jump because of his depression. But really he's trying to contact his powers to show his "friends". After Kiyo gets pissed off at Zatch, he goes back home, leaving Zatch in the falling rain. Then Zatch meets a wondering dog. They become friends, in Zatch's thinking. After Kiyo gets home, the doorbell rings and Sherry's at the door. She then explains why these mamodo are here. Zatch is secretly listening to the conversation. The owner of the little dog has a spellbook. Soon Zatch realizes that he took home a mamodo fight than a stray.
  • We learn alot about whats been going on so far.

    well from what I got from sherrie every 1000 years 100 Mamodo like Zatch come from the mamodo world to earth to fight to see who becomes king. I know deep down inside no matter what Zatch heard that he's no tool and that he's not like most mamodo, kind.
  • i didn't really like it cuase it made me sad

    i didn't like this ep that much cuase when kyo yelled athim and told him he didn't wont to see him agian then zatch came back but then he went to go out the front door and there was another guy and he used a moto spell now i really want to know whats going to happen next
  • In this episode we learn alot about what's going on in the story. We also learn about who the strange girl and her momodo friend are.


    Kiyo returns home when he see's Zatch standing on top of the clock in the park. He at first is conserned about what Zatch maybe doing. That is until he hears some kids demanding to know if he was going to do 'it' or not. Fearing that Zatch was going to jump and kill himself,Kyo at once rushes to stop him. Turns out Zatch had been trying to make friends with some local kids while Kiyo was in highschool. Unfortunatly the kids are not all that friendly. And they only say they would be friends with Zatch when he tells them he can shoot lightning from his mouth. That is if he can prove it.

    Kiyo scolds Zatch about showing off his powers. After all Zatch can only use his gifts once a spell is said from his book. And also his powers are dangerus and could end up attracting unwanted attention. Zatch angerly yells back at Kiyo saying that it wasn't right to boss people around. Kiyo angrily tells Zatch that he's fed up and he doesn't want to see Zatch again. Zatch angerly runs away.

    Kiyo returns home feeling somewhat guilty about how he had treated Zatch. But decides it's all for the best that he's gone. He hears someone at the door and since his mother was not home he answers it.

    At his door is the Blond Haired girl from the last to episodes and her Momodo companion. The girl politely says that she needs to talk with him about his friend Zatch.

    In the mean time it had started to rain. Zatch is sobbing on bridge and cursing Kiyo for being so mean. A dog walks up to Zatch and starts nuzzling him. Zatch thinking the dog to be a stray hugs him. Seeing as he had nowhere else to go he returns home to Kiyo's house with his new friend.

    Up in Kiyo's room the girl introduces herself as Sherry and her Momodo companion is Brago. She tells Kyo that the Momodo are from another world and every thousend years a hundred of them come to earth to parner with humans and fight. In each battle the book of the loser is burned and in the end the winner would become King of the Momodo.

    Zatch arrives home with his new friend and over hears the conversation.

    Sherry tells Kiyo that since he's he doesn't quite grasp the danger the situation brings she implores that he hand the book over to her peacfully. Kiyo considers the idea of getting rid of Zatch forever. But he decides to refuse. Sherry warns him one more time saying that if he doesn't give up the book he could end up getting hurt or killed.

    Zatch not wanting to be a danger to Kiyo starts to leave however when he gets down stairs he see's a strange man. Zatch demands to know what the man was doing there. The man answers by pulling out a book and says a spell. The dog turns into a beastial momodo.
  • cool episode

    We get to know more about the Mamodo and the battle to become King of the Mamodo world to bad the dog is a Mamodo not Zatch friend and we also know what happens to a Mamodo when his/her book gets burn and now it seems another battle will contuie in the next episode.
  • we learq a lot in this episode

    Keyo finds Zatch showing off so Keyo yells at him. Then Zatch runs away from him. He finds a little dog then takes it home but when he gets their a man is standing their and pulls out a book which makes him turn into a spiky monster dog. While this is happening Keyo is talking to Shary. She is explaining that if he kaeps zatch he wil get hurt. This episode is informitive andcool Zatch dodges all of the dogs attacks. The dog's name is goofear. He
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