Zatch Bell!

Season 1 Episode 41

The Invincible Kanchome

Aired Tuesday 7:00 PM Jan 14, 2006 on YTV
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The Invincible Kanchome
Parco Folgore and Kanchome begin their battle against Fredo and his mamodo Bargo. With Bargo being a powerful opponent, Can Folgore and Kanchome defeat them?

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  • cool episode

    Kanchome and Folgore battles Bargo and Fleet with their rather weak spells. They try and use their imposter trick with moderate sucess but in the end, nothing works. They try to retreat, but out of nowhere, Rusca appears, standing up for Kanchome. Rusca gets kicked around and Kanchome and Folgore are forced to fight for her. Finally they get their third spell, Dikaporuk which casts a projection of a giant Kanchome making him look like he transformed into a giant. This fools the thieves as they use their most powerful spells, trying to take down Kanchome. Seeing that they exhausted their energy, Folgore makes a dash for it, trying to get the thieve's book. The thieves use thier Fureido spell on Folgore but the fire doesn't affect him for he is the Invincible Folgore! (it affected his pants though). Bargo tries to take Rusca as hostage but Kanchome pushes her away from him. While Fleet is distracted, Folgore snatches his book and throws it into the fire, burning it. While Kanchome and Folgore wait for their ship back to Italy, Kanchome finds some candy on another ship and gets to it. But then the ship departs with Kanchome on it. Folgore discovers in horror that it is headed for Antarctica!moreless
  • This episode is OKAY.

    This episode is okay. Like I said before, I do not like Kanchome and I hate Folgore with a burning passion. So an episode with both of them and trying to make it sedimental, I did not like that at all. But I was surprised the way they took down that one mamodo (I forgot his name), that one dragon or whatever. It was funny the way Kanchome pretended to be his book keeper and tricked both of them. I liked that part. It was very funny. So, overal, this episode of Zatch Bell was alright, not my favorite, but not totally bad.moreless
  • cool

    This episode was a good one. Kanchome is my favorite momodo and this episode showed his good side. Richard Horvitz is a master. He is one of the greatest voice actors ever. It was also heartwarming to see Kanchome with that little girl and fighting to get her sheep back. It liked this episode.
  • will

    Cancome verses bogo the funny part was that I thought his name was brago but there's a huge difference and I should Have heard it. Oh wikl This was a little better than the prepvious episode but it was not much better. Basicly the third spell makes a huge horglaphic projection which was okay I guess. I thought it was funny when cancome became bagos master and he was confused so he accidentily hits the real master and cancome says ha ha. Ayway that's all fore now.

  • Kanchome gets his third spell

    Kanchome and Folgore fight Bargo and Fleet. However, with their rather pathetic spells, they will need to think outside the box to defeat the thieves. Meanwhile, we spend 5 minutes with Kiyo and his classmates as they get back their tests. You\'ll see that some of the tests answers are rather odd. Will Kanchome and Folgore be able to defeat Bargo\'s fire based attacks? Will they get a new spell? Will Viz edit out Folgore\'s you-know-what?moreless
Dave Wittenberg

Dave Wittenberg

Parco Folgore, Ponygon, Yamanaka, Additional Voices

Debi Derryberry

Debi Derryberry


Jason Spisak

Jason Spisak


Colleen O'Shaughnessey

Colleen O'Shaughnessey


Crispin Freeman

Crispin Freeman

Iwajima, Kane, Wonrei, Additional Voices

Richard Horvitz

Richard Horvitz

Kanchome (2005-2006)

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