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Zatch Bell!

Season 1 Episode 39

The Invisible Hunter

Aired Tuesday 7:00 PM Dec 17, 2005 on YTV
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Episode Summary

Zatch, Kiyo, Suzie, and Mrs. Takamine win a trip to a hot springs. Unfortunately, Zatch and Kiyo end up hunted by Garza and Balansha who use hunting methods and invisibility tricks on Zatch and Kiyo. Who will win this hunt?

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  • good episode

    Zatch and Kiyo go on vacation at a hot springs resort when they are trapped and decieved by Garza the hunter and his panther mamodo, Balansha, who has a spell to become invisible. They quickly drain Kiyo's energy as Zatch's Zaker spells keep missing the invinsible Balansha. Kiyo thinks up a plan to decieve the hunters by smearing his jacket with some smelly stuff and hanging it on a twig. When Balansha finds the jacket and grabs it, she is digusted by it's smell and spits it out. On que, Zatch and Kiyo attack while Garza reactivates Balansha's invisibility spell. However, there's a problem... Zatch can smell Balansha! When she grabbed the jacket, some of the smell rubbed off on her! Zatch corners the hunters and Kiyo unleashes Bao Zakeruga. It destroys the cliff that the hunters were standing on but it did not burn their book. The hunters fall into the river and float away with their book still intact while the hungry Zatch and Kiyo return to find that Suzie and Kiyo's mom had eaten all the food.moreless
  • Zatch and Kiyo take on an invisible enemy!

    In this episode, Zatch and Kiyo are trapped in an island or something like that and they have to face an enemy that is invisible. The enemy's name is Baransha and Baransha is a tiger or lepord or something. Kiyo and Zatch are cold, hungry and tired, but they have to defeat this enemy. So Kiyo cleverly plots a way to capture the enemy. Kiyo uses a berry that smells bad and covers it all over the demon so Zatch can just use his nose and find him. This episode was very well thought out and Kiyo is very smart and clever.moreless
  • Zatch VS Balansha

    Zatch, Kiyo, Suzy, and Mrs. Takamine win a trip to a hot springs. Unfortunately, Zatch and Kiyo end up hunted by Garza and Balansha who use hunting methods and invisibility tricks on them. What will happen? Zatch and Kiyo uesed Bao Zakergua to attack Balansha but they eascape without buring the book.
  • zatch and kiyo fight a man and a panther like momoto. they have the ability to turn in ivisible and later trap zatch and kiyo.they escape by placing a trap of there own and use the 4th spell to defeat them. to bad they escaped the attack.moreless

    it was cool i liked itand it was funny. the part when zatch chases the man and the momodo and starts bitting them. i felt that kiyo's book should of been burnt since the blast hit him and his bag which contained the book. the book and bag should of burned.

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