Zatch Bell!

Season 5 Episode 4

The Invulnerable Robnos

Aired Tuesday 7:00 PM Unknown on YTV

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  • An amazing battle between Zatch and the unbeatable Robnos!

    A really exciting and funny episode. My favorite part was when Kiyo was talking about Suzy, all the bad times with her even though he was trying to said how good she is. The battle between Zatch and Robnos was great! I hope they make another great battle like this! Maybe one between Zatch and the doubleganger Zeno.
  • They fight a mamoto that says that he is unbeatable he isn't but it takes them a while too figure that out

    Suzi was absent from school today so Keyo is asked why don't you go check on her. Keyo says it is are when Suzi isn't in school. Sum one put a statue of Suzi. A note you have the statue and I have the girl. Zatch likes sopes. Keyo says Suzi was kid napped and you were watching sopes. They are fighting in a cold storage ware house. Keyo says be careful in their. I am robenose and he scopes statues and I like singing too. His bark was much worse
  • a good battle

    This episode is good the battle is good also kiyo used the third spell on Robnos but his second spell made him unstock and all there spell can't defeat him so zzzzzzzzkiyo he to use and stick and with Zaker they defeat Robnos and Suzie was sick the whole time lol.