Zatch Bell!

Season 2 Episode 8

The Labyrinth's Angry Torrent

Aired Tuesday 7:00 PM Jul 29, 2006 on YTV
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When they think that they finally trapped the two mamodo, a huge armored mamodo named Ganz appears behind Kanchome and Folgore. Now, Kiyo, Zatch, Megumi, Tia, Kanchome and Folgore fight against Alm and two new mamodo, a blue dragon named Geluos and Ganz. The room ends up flooding. Unfortunately, the lightning spells don't work underwater. Now Kiyo, Zatch and the rest of the gang must come up with a plan to defeat the mamodo's before they call in for help. Meanwhile, Sherry and Brago fight another Millennium Mamodo and also encounter Dr. Riddles and Kiddo.moreless

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  • Zatch is fighting against Alm and Gelios two millenium mamodos.

    This is my least favorite episode because I didn't like how Zatch cried. I think it was stupid because he felt sorry for Alm who looks like a clown. Alm is the first mamodos that Zatch and Kiyo have heard that they can talk and thinking that he is not under Milordo Z's control. Gelios looks alot like Gyaradoes from Pokemon and is alot like him. Zatch and Kiyo use the sixth spell rauzaruk which powers Zatch up and makes him fight at different high levels. Zatch used the sixth spell and picked up Gelios and twirled him in the air and threw him up high.moreless
  • A great strategy has great results, as the sixth spell helps the group out.

    Razerouk (Spelling?) is shown in in prime during this episode. Razerouk powers up Zatch and allows him to fight at new levels. While Kiyo, Zatch, Migumi and Tia face off against two millenium mamodo, Folgore, Ponygon and Konchome face off against a new foe: A giant millenium mamodo. This episode was tearjerking at moments, and at some moments just plain awesome. My favorite part was when Folgore was knocked on the ground by the millenium mamodo, and Kanchome and Ponygon started singing "Iorn Man Folgore! Invincible Folgore!" etc. I loved that part because it shows that Kanchome and Folgore are one of the most powerful teams out there, as Kanchome's cheering causes Folgore to get up. I almost found myself in tears when this happened (And I'm a guy, so that says a lot), because it shows how kick-ass Folgore and Kanchome are. After all of that, Kanchome says that the mamodo that they are facing looks sad, and then Folgore sees it, too. Well, the end to this awesome battle in the labyrinth (Spelling?) is coming up, folks, and I, personally, can't wait for it!

    Up Next on Zatch Bell!: Spell of Sorrow.moreless
  • In this episode Zatch and Kiyo Wanna free Alm!

    In this episode Zatch and Kiyo try to free Alm from fighting and send him back to the mamado world.Ponygon,Falgore,And Ponygon fight the iron masked mamado and dance and sing!Kanchome singing with his new voice sounded off key and horrible but Ponygon was good!this is a preety good episode at best! Highly recomend it!
  • A long fight with the Millenium mamodo.

    This episode was full of action while Zatch and Tia took on the dragon mamodo and a clown mamodo, Kanchome fought a warrior type mamodo. This was a fight filled with clever strategies, sympathy and a dive underwater. Zatch is unable to use his electric spells so he must use his sixth spell. Zatch shows great power and heart fighting these mamodo. Tia helps by providing shields, but with Alm able to hit from under the ground they are uselesss. Kanchome uses his shape shifting to hide and try to snatch the opponent's book and burn it. This was an awesome episode!moreless
  • In this episode Kiyo, Zatch, Tia, and Megumi continue their fight in the ruins with the help of Kanchome, and Folgore.

    In this episode Kiyo, Zatch, Tia, and Megumi continue their fight in the ruins with the help of Kanchome, and Folgore. As Kiyo, Zatch, Tia, and Megumi continue fight Alm, and a dragon like Mamodo named Geluos Kanchome and Folgore fight Ganz a Mamodo who Kanchome believes seems sad under his helmet. Kiyo and Zatch learn from Alm that the Millenium Mamodo are not as much under Milordo Z's control as they thought since the Alm tells them he welcomes the chance to fight again. Elsewhere Dr. Riddles and Kido find Sherry and Brago and ask them to help in the fight. They refuse to lend a hand in the battle. One thing about this episode is that I didn't like was even though Ponygon found his book owner two episodes ago he does not have him there. Have to wonder when were finally going to see Ponygon's spells.moreless

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