Zatch Bell!

Season 1 Episode 6

The Mystery Of The Missing Red Book

Aired Tuesday 7:00 PM Apr 09, 2005 on YTV
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Kiyo is sent to the hospital with Yuuta, one kid, who needs to get better. But later, Yuuta steals Zatch's red book when Kiyo is of somewhere to get juice. Now Kiyo and Zatch must get the red book back before the dangers Yuuta could possibly do to it, such as burn it!moreless

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  • Good episode that fit the English dub style perfectly and stayed almost 100% loyal to the manga.

    There is nothing extraordinary about this episode but it is entertaining and the dub did not destroy it. I am surprised that the scene where Kiyo bumps into the nurse's breast is not edited out. I love it when the dub does not remove things. This episode was about Kiyo's time in the hospital after being injured in episode 5. He and Zatch meet a kid who has something wrong with his leg and Kiyo and him do not seem to get along. The kid steals Zatch's book and plans on burning it. The episode revolves around Zatch and Kiyo saving the book and trying to become friends with the kid. It does not sound to cool but it wasn't bad at all. It was much better than the first two episodes.moreless
  • great episode

    After the battle with Sherry and Brago, Kiyo is sent to the hospital with a kid named Yuuta, who was to be released 6 monthes ago. while there Suzie, one of Kiyo's friends. Suzie likes Kiyo and she gave Kiyo some fruit with different faces. Zatch tries to cheer Yuuta up, but is shunned and Yuuta gave Zatch his lunch. When Kiyo sees Zatch eating Yuuta's lunch he tells Yuuta that he needs to eat his food or he'll never get better. When Kiyo tries to cheer him up after he gets mad at Kiyo for telling him to eat his food, Yuuta snaps and steals his red book while Kiyo gets some juice! Then he threatens to burn it at the top of the tower. When Yuuta is climbing down the latter, after Kiyo has his book,Yuuta slips and falls down the ladder. Kiyo, with his book and Zatch by his side says the zaker spell and breaks through the floor in which Yuuta will fall on. Yuuta fell through the hole and landed in the linen room on all the soft sheets and towels.moreless
  • Kiyo's adventure in the hospital.

    I did not really like this episode. There were a couple silly and funny parts, but the rest was really boring. I did not like that other kid that was in the hospitol that stole Kiyo's book. I ESPECAILY hated that nurse and her over sized "you know whats". (I do not want to get in trouble by saying it). But I guess it was KIND OF funny. But this is one of my least favorite episodes. I do like the part when Kiyo is walking down the hallway singing a juice song or something like that. That was pretty funny.moreless
  • While Kiyo is recovering at the hospital, he and Zatch meet a miserable boy named Yuuta.

    I thought this was a pretty good episode. You know, after seeing it, I have to say, Kiyo is terrible at entertaining himself! I still liked his juice song though:) And Susy once again came along with her fruit, and when she agreed to help Kiyo find his book, well, another example of how easily distracted she is... and how clueless. I felt kind of bad for Yuuta, but it was good to see that he was happy in the end with a good chance for recovery:) Unfortunately, he's now under the delusion that if he becomes healthy, he'll be able to shoot lightning out of his mouth like Zatch... Oh well. In the end, I thought this episode was funny and worth watching.moreless
  • kiyo is in the hospital recovering from the duel with sherry and brago.looks like kiyo is getting too much attention.

    wow, well I thought that this was kinda corny episode. After the battle with brago and sherry kiyo is recovering from the battle in the hostpitile.then kiyos roomate yuta has been in the hostpitile for a long time,and has grown kinda bitter and hopeless of his leg recovery. then, kiyo tries to encourage yuta but yuta takes it the wrong,yuta steals the spell book and threatens to burn it.which means bye bye zatch.kiyo tries to run after it but he runs into the nurse.then she asks kiyo where he is going and telling him to be in bed kiyo breaks free but the nurse jumps on him putting her boobs on her head,ands starts telling him about yuta and his injury.kiyo sends zatch to get the book.Then, kiyo breaks free from the nurses body and goes on to get the book.later,in the end kiyo and zatch save yutas the end, yuta is convinced that by eating all the food the hostpital gives him he'll shout lightning out of his mouth.And what happens to suzy,well she gets lost and asks the secretary for the room number for150 th time since she cant get there by herself the secretary lead the way.moreless

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