Zatch Bell!

Season 1 Episode 9

The Third Spell

Aired Tuesday 7:00 PM Apr 30, 2005 on YTV
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Zatch and Kiyo learn a new spell and go out to a secluded area to try it out. However the spell does not succeed! Meanwhile a Mamodo, Fein challenges Zatch and Kiyo to a battle, and thoroughly thrashes them. When Zaker and Rashield fail, only their last spell can save them! But can Kiyo and Zatch get it to work?moreless

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  • good episode

    It starts off with a recap of how Kolulu was sad and wished to have her book destroyed, how Lori tried to help her and she told Kiyo to destroy her book. Kiyo didn't know if he could do it but he cast the spell and Kolulu talked as she faded out from this world. The book glowed as Zatch thought he would become a kind king and Kiyo goes to wake up Zatch telling about being able to read the next spell in the book. Zatch isn't that excited as Kiyo is over the spell and he ask what benevolant meant and he talks about only a kind king could end the battles. Zatch talks about how he has to try and become king and talks about the spell and Kiyo says he already is benevolant, they head out to test the spell and some creep is talking with his Mamomo now.

    He berates the cab driver and the creep talks about no one messing with them again, as the cab driver runs Fein talks to his guy about beating everyone to become Mamodo king. As they walk along Fein tells about sensing the power when it is used and how you can't rush greatness as they walk off planning their next move. As Kiyo and Zatch are out in a rocky field and Kiyo is talking about not causing too much damage out there, as Kiyo goes to cast the spell and focuses on a rock he cast the spell and screams but nothing happened at all.

    Zatch is trying to see what happened and Kiyo thinks he goofed the spell and he cast the spell again, the spell won't work and Kiyo wonders if he sings the spell it will work and his singing is terrible. Zatch says nothing good can come from singing like that and Kiyo thinks that he just needs emotions now, as Kiyo thinks about the mamodos they have fought Kiyo calls out the spell and it didn't work at all as a dog walks by. Kiyo talks about hating the third spell and as the creep with his Mamodo talks he says to be patient and Fein can sense anyone who carries a spellbook.

    He points out the window as Zatch and Kiyo walk by and Zatch talks about Brago and how he was a weakling and if he can't become strong. Kiyo talks about him only having an off day and they will do this and as Kiyo wonders what to do the creeps attack them and the clown wishes to become king which Zatch is upset about. Zatch thinks this guy is a court jester and as Zatch is dragged off and Fein talks about hitting bystanders Zatch gets even more ticked as he remembers what Kolulu said to him as she faded out.

    As they run for it and Kiyo is panting he thinks to hide in an abandoned building and Zatch is ticked off, as the creeps show up Zatch ask if they think they are some kind of clown. Zatch talks to Fein about him not becoming a benevolant king. Fein laughs about this and how there is no point in becoming such a king, how he can do what he wants depending on the mood and how he will be the only one that matters. Zatch talks about how he will never know what it is like to have someone he cares about and Zatch calls to Kiyo to hlep in the fight now to stop this creep. Fein just laughs and avoids the spell at Kiyo cast it, Fein isn't hit but the guy with the book appears to have been hit.

    Fein is behind them and the creep cast a spell blasting them into a wall and hurtting Kiyo badly, the creep and Fein talk about who says they need permission. Kiyo is freaked out as he notices how Fein moves at superspeed and Kiyo says he won't give up, suddenly as Kiyo uses the spell again they are on the roof and Zatch is outcold. Kiyo is in pain and Zatch agrees to hide in a corner, Kiyo thinks about what to do and doesn't wish to use the new spell yet as he doesn't think it will work. Kiyo is sarcastic about his wounds and Kiyo talks about not dragging the fight out, they made a pact to not let this creep become king and as the creep shows up he cast the spell. Fein charges and Kiyo thinks he will fall into the shield trap as he is in a corner but Fein leaps over the shield and talks about not fallling for it, Kiyo thinks they are done for now if the second spell doesn't work.

    Kiyo tries to blast him while he is mid-air and Fein evaded the attack and is told that was sneaky but they still missed them. Kiyo thinks they are sitting ducks and that it is bad and it can't end like that as Zatch goes to shield Kiyo with his body. Kiyo is told by Zatch he can take more blows and Zatch talks about being Kiyo's shield to the end and as they think about Kolulu and Kiyo thinks without teamwork he is useless. Kiyo tries to think about a way to stop Fein and as Kiyo thinks he goes to use the third spell they talk about seeing this through together now. As Kiyo goes to cast the spell and Fein goes to charge as Zatch uses the spell and a ball of light goes at Fein who thinks it is pathetic. Fein can't move at all and the ball of light holds him in place as it slams him to a water tank, Kiyo thinks about the spell and Zatch points out what is happening and the third spell makes the opponent is a magnet.

    As Kiyo thinks about the crazy spells and as the creep tries to cast the spell Kiyo compliments him as they praise each other about their teamwork. They take the book from Sebe and Zatch thinks he won't give up til he becomes a king like he promised her, Kiyo talks to Zatch about how if all mamodos are like that last one and Zatch thinks he means bad mamodos. Kiyo says that isn't it and he means strong ones like that so they both have to work at getting strong, that way when the day comes Zatch can become a kind king and Zatch thanks Kiyo and Zatch says he can. With Kiyo's help Zatch can become the kind of king Kolulu wanted him to be as they go to shake on the agreement.

    As a giant mamodo shows up he helps Zatch get away from Naomi who was messing with him again.Zatch thinks he is nice and Kiyo thinks he has an evil plan which will hurt a lot of people, a blue and white faced mamodo goes to fight them and they are forced to fight once again. Things might not be what they appear though as they show the big guy and his mamodo walking off into the sunset at the end.moreless
  • Zatch learns a new spell.

    In this episode, Zatch and Kiyo learn a new spell. But when they first try it out, it does not work! Oh no what will they do? Well, unfortunately, before Kiyo has time to see what went wrong, a new mamodo (demon) enemy appears. He is a no good person who "looks like the court jester" or something like that. So when Zatch and Kiyo are fighting him, they are seriously losing the battle. When it seems like all is lost, Kiyo casts the third spell and Zatch and Kiyo win the battle. This episode used a lot of stradegy and luck.moreless
  • Zatch has the third spell!

    This episode was so good! Zatch has a new spell a magnetic one too! perfect for fighting in metal arenas. Fein didn't look all that tough but I guess looks can sometimes be decieving because his spells sure were!I mean he can be very fast but Zatch won all out!
  • Nice!

    This episode was great!, all though Kiyo keep mispronouncing it and using it in the wrong places!

    Fein and his bookholder come and start attacking the town that Zatch and Kiyo are in, The bookholder was awesome and Fein was a little too confendent of himself, a greedy mamodo.

    When Fein and Zatch fought, it was awesome! the reason was that Fein had a tornado spell (which he launches out of his mouth) and a speed spell.

    First off Zatch and Kiyo was like 'Where'd he go'? because of the speed spell but with Kiyos brilliance they found out and had a battle on the roof of a building!

    In the building battle Kiyo wasn't very smart traping them in a corner but he found out a way to stop Fein in his tracks, Jikerdor! They used this to put Fein on a tower and they forced the bookholder to hand over the book, Fein was defeated!

    I loved this episode because (of course) the Third Spell was used!moreless
  • Good Episode

    This episode was a good episode. It wasn't the best, but somewhere around there. It was cleverly plotted. I loved the part when Kiyo used the Jikerudor spell. Well, not really loved, but that part was good. It was like other episodes of Zatch Bell, this episode. But there's something different about it compared to the rest. It's like vinegar and a pile of dust.

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