Zatch Bell!

Season 1 Episode 9

The Third Spell

Aired Tuesday 7:00 PM Apr 30, 2005 on YTV

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  • Nice!

    This episode was great!, all though Kiyo keep mispronouncing it and using it in the wrong places!

    Fein and his bookholder come and start attacking the town that Zatch and Kiyo are in, The bookholder was awesome and Fein was a little too confendent of himself, a greedy mamodo.

    When Fein and Zatch fought, it was awesome! the reason was that Fein had a tornado spell (which he launches out of his mouth) and a speed spell.

    First off Zatch and Kiyo was like 'Where'd he go'? because of the speed spell but with Kiyos brilliance they found out and had a battle on the roof of a building!

    In the building battle Kiyo wasn't very smart traping them in a corner but he found out a way to stop Fein in his tracks, Jikerdor! They used this to put Fein on a tower and they forced the bookholder to hand over the book, Fein was defeated!

    I loved this episode because (of course) the Third Spell was used!
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