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Zatch Bell!

Season 1 Episode 28

Tia and Megumi's Excellent Adventure

Aired Tuesday 7:00 PM Sep 17, 2005 on YTV
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Episode Summary

While on their way to meet up with Kiyo and Zatch, Tia and Megumi end up encountering Princess Marie of Karnoir and she and Megumi end up switching outfits so that Marie can have a normal life. Things go wrong when Marie's assassin captures Megumi and the princess's bodyguard Oram. Can Tia and Marie get to them in time?moreless

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  • exciting episode

    Tia, the cute Mamado female owned by pop idol Ooumi Megumi, had everything set up for the perfect day off! She was able to coax Kiyo (er, and Zatch as well...indirectly) to come along for a day at a nearby amusement park in Mochinoki, where the four of them would ride the rides and have all sorts of fun! She was even able to coax Megumi to clear up her schedule for this day of fun. But by the time the duo arrived in Mochinoki for their "date", it was still a couple hours before they had to meet up with the boys, so the duo chose to do what many females do for fun: shopping! But as the two of them were looking around at the pretty dresses in one of the stores, a mysterious girl in a frilly dress comes along and tells them that not only would Megumi look good in a dress, but she would be able to have her try on her dress for a bit of time! But unfortunately, allowing Megumi to wear that outfit was much worse than it seemed at the time. For starters, that girl was Princess Marie of the kingdom of Karnoir. She was a very tricky girl that always seemed to run off at the most inopportune times to do her own thing instead of the duties of her kingdom. And to make matters worse, Marie was being chased by an assasin from her home country (complete with...er, a green radioactive gun-thing the dub added), hoping to kill her off and cause complete chaos from within (of course seeing Megumi in the dress didn't make things any easier for either of them)! While Megumi continued to be chased by the assasin, Tia ran off to discover the real princess Marie, both to get her to stand up to this bully...and to get back what the two of them lost. The princess finally chose to stand up to her would-be killer, showing bravery in the nightmarish situation and knowing that if she was gone, her people would not stand up for this. The assasin chose to shoot regardless...and his bullets ended up facing Tia's shield spell as a consequence, stopping him in his tracks! With the situation under control, Marie thoroughly thanked Megumi..and Tia in particular for assisting her, believing that the little redhead Mamodo would be an excellent queen for her actions (well in the midst of the Mamodo fights, any compliment like that would definately assist mentally). Megumi realized that Tia, too, had changed since she first met her, going from an untrusting girl that only fought for herself to a valuable friend and partner who assisted both her bookkeeper and others. And with this situation under control, Tia and Megumi finally headed off for the amusement park, not knowing that in their lateness, Zatch and Kiyo ended up having problems of their own.moreless
  • We see more of Tia.

    In this episode, we see more about Tia and Megumi. We see how much Tia has matured and grown up. It seems that because of Zatch, Tia trusts others more and she wants other to trust her. In this episode, Zatch and Kiyo are waiting for Tia and Megumi to meet them at an amusement park. Tia and Megumi make a slight detour when they go into a clothing department store. There they meet a Queen that looks similar to Megumi. The queen switches clothes with Megumi to stay away from the people who are trying to kidnap her. In the end, Tia and Megumi save the day.moreless
  • good episode

    We start this episode out bye teaa saying that she'easa little girl who you are probably wondering whaeaeat she's doing on the beach at this hour apparenly it's eary. Then she explains that she isa mamoto but if you've been watching you know all about themddthen Zatch is waking up Keyo to go to their date with teaa and naigomie but it's 6 okealock inthe morning. Then it goei back to a preneasess saying just drop me off here and you can leave andmoreless
  • A very good and funny episode.

    I like this episode very much, it was funny and good. My favorite parts were when Tia asked Kiyo to ride the thunder stopper ride with her (can't remember if that's what it's called) and when there were arriving late and she mention that Kiyo better not have go on the ride without her. It seems to show that Tia has a crush on Kiyo, however she really has a crush on Zatch, but she doesn't show it. This episode was really good can't wait to see what next episode going to be like!moreless
  • Nothing really happened in this episode.

    In this episode nothing really important happened. I think this episode was a waste of time. It didn't really much focus on Kiyo/Zatch & Megumi/Tia together. And I thought it was really cheap when they used the same scene from "Zatch and Kiyo's Odyssey". I think this episode is the worst.
Wally Wingert

Wally Wingert


Recurring Role

Crispin Freeman

Crispin Freeman


Recurring Role

Michelle Ruff

Michelle Ruff

Princess Marie

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