Zatch Bell!

Season 1 Episode 30

Zatch and Tia: A Fierce Combination

Aired Tuesday 7:00 PM Oct 01, 2005 on YTV
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The battle between Kiyo, Zatch, Tia and Megumi VS Purio, Loopa, Zoboron, and Hige countuie while Zatch is paralyzes Tia and Megumi must use thier spell to deafeat Purio, Loopa, Zoboron, and Hige by defend and attack the ememy. And Kiyo had a plan to use Purio blue, sticky, glue and stick Zaych with Tia so Zatch can attack and finally Zatch can move protect Tia from being punch from Hige. Tia and Zatch used Zaker and Saisu comb and burn Zoboron book but Purio and Loopa got there third spell Mokerudo and use it for a smoke-screen to escape. Now Zatch Kiyo Tia and Megumi spend there rest of the day Amusement Park and Tia offer Kiyo lunch which was suppouse to be for Zatch but Tia nevorus to give it to Zatch but then Megumi ask Kiyo to help him carry sdome drinks then Zatch and Tia are loney and Zatch was getting hungry so Tia finally offer Zatch food which she made for Zatch at the begining.moreless

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    • Hige: Don't think you have won just becasue your friends shown up! Your still no mach for are perfect combonation of power and speed, REDAY SET AND GO! Lets show them what were made of! (Lupa and Purio run twords Kiyo Zatch Tia and Megumi)

    • Tia: Wait 'till I get my hands on you! I will make you wish you were never born!
      Kiyo: Megumi? Does Tia always get like this?
      Megumi: Well, she's got some anger issues she's working on.

    • Megumi: Don't you remember what I told you last time? (happy) next time its on us.
      Tia:(angry) THATS RIGHT!

    • Zatch: Tia and Megumi have saved us!
      Kiyo: Thanks for your help, we tried to take those guys out on are own, but that didn't work.

    • (Kiyo stares blankly at Megumi)
      Megumi: Kiyo. You seem like you're surprised. Could it be you think pop idols can't cook for themselves?
      Kiyo: (stutters) No, no! That's not what I meant! (his thoughts) I just never thought a superstar like Megumi would even cook for a guy like me.

    • (Kiyo asks Zatch about Tia's lunch)
      Zatch: Well...
      (Tia groans nervously)
      Zatch: As expected...
      (Tia groans louder)
      Zatch: I like yellow-tail better.
      Tia: (angry) Aaahh! You're going to be eating yellow-tail through a straw when I'm through with you!
      (She jumps behind Zatch and strangles him)
      Megumi: Tia. You still need to work on your anger issues!
      Kiyo: (freaking out) Uh, Megumi. Get her off him!
      Megumi: It's better if they work it out themselves, Kiyo.

    • Tia: (turning red) What?! No, no! Eewwww!
      Kiyo: Tia! It's the only way.
      Megumi: That's right, Tia! You have to.
      Tia: (blushing, then groans) Fine. But we're just doing it this one time, Zatch.

    • Tia: (crying) What do you mean I can't ride because I'm too small? Megumi, bang me on the head so that I can get that bump again that will make me taller!
      Megumi: No, don't be silly. We'll just go on another ride.
      Tia: (still crying, yet being dragged) But I want to ride on the roller coaster.

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