Zeke and Luther

Monday 8:30 PM on Disney XD Premiered Jun 15, 2009 In Season




Episode Guide

  • Season 1
    • Bros Go Pro
      Episode 1
      Ginger makes a deal with Discount Dave for Zeke and Luther to perform a skateboarding stunt for the grand opening of his new store. But they put their stunt in jeopardy when they indulge too much in the benefits that came with the deal.
    • Donut Jockey
      Episode 2
      In order to earn money to buy a new part for their skateboards, Zeke and Luther get jobs as delivery boys at Don's Donuts. However, the job isn't as easy as it seems when they each run into problems of their own.
    • Crash and Learn
      Episode 3
      When Zeke and Luther accidentally destroy the lawn ornaments in Mr. Johnson's yard, Kojo is the one that receives all of the blame. Now they must decide to either let Kojo face the punishment for their actions or come clean and tell Mr. Johnson the truth.
    • Pilot
      Episode 4
      In the pilot episode, Zeke and Luther come up with a scheme to gain a skateboarding sponsorship. Meanwhile, Zeke develops a crush on his new British neighbor.
    • Cape Fear
      Episode 5
      In order to sell themselves to the public more, Zeke and Luther ask Olivia for fashion advice. Her solution involves making Zeke wear a cape. Meanwhile, Luther's new friend Ozzie constantly imitates Luther's sense of style.
    • Skate Camp
      Episode 6
      Zeke and Luther start up a skateboarding camp to teach kids how to skateboard. However, the real challenge begins when Ozzie joins. Meanwhile, Ginger faces her rival, Lisa Grubner, in a flute-off contest.
    • 7/27/09
      When Kojo posts a skateboarding video on the internet, Zeke and Luther decide to post one of their own. However, Luther's lucky pet rat becomes a problem when it ruins their video.
    • 8/3/09
      Right before they set a new neighborhood skateboard street luge record, Luther discovers that he's a championship caliber "cup stacker". So, Luther wonders if he should devote all of his attention to this new pastime.
    • Cup Stacking
      Cup Stacking
      Episode 8
      Zeke and Luther plan a big skateboarding stunt, but when Luther suddenly becomes interested in cup stacking, their friendship is put to the test. Now, Luther must decide between being a cup stacker or a skateboarder.
    • Summer School
      Episode 9
      When Zeke's summer school teacher, Mr. Rucker, calls him a poser, Zeke challenges him to skateboarding contest. Meanwhile, Stinky Cast tries to get Ginger to like him.
    • Haunted Board
      Episode 10
      Zeke and Luther buy themselves a new skateboard online. But when it turns out to be haunted, they have no choice but to find a way to get rid of it.
    • Road Trip
      Episode 11
      After taking a trip to Tony Hawk's birthplace, Zeke and Luther come home with a precious souvenir - a pair of Tony Hawk's boxers. They decide to share the boxers, but jealousy soon ensues. Meanwhile, Ginger attempts to prank Zeke.
    • Luther Leads
      Episode 12
      When Luther discovers that he was the first to ride a skateboard, he decides to take a shot at being "lead board." Meanwhile, Ginger makes plans to take over Don's donut shop.
    • Soul Bucket
      Episode 13
      Luther feels sorry that his grandmother doesn't have much going on in her life, so he tells her that he and Zeke are in a successful rock band and will play at her party. Meanwhile, Ginger seeks out someone else to replace Poochie as her new best friend.
    • 11/9/09
      Zeke's parents are on vacation for the weekend. Meanwhile, Zeke and Luther are trying to win an exclusive skateboard down at Don's Donuts. But Zeke's little sister is causing trouble that makes it difficult for Zeke to win it.
    • Rollerdorks
      Episode 15
      The Skaters and the Rollerdorks don't agree with each other. So Zeke fights the leader of the them to get a rid of the Rollerdorks from the skater's usually skate place, once and for all.
    • Crash Dummies
      Episode 16
      Zeke and Luther send in a skateboarding video they made to a TV show to compete against Goose, a rival skater. Meanwhile, Ginger makes preparations for her own surprise birthday party and tries to get the boy she likes to notice her.
    • Adventure Boy
      Episode 17
      When TV star Rutger Dundee from Adventure Boy stops by for a visit, Zeke and Luther go meet him, who reveals to them that he's interested in a particular girl. However, when that girl turns out to be Olivia, Zeke vows not to let him take her from him and sets out to prove that he's a fraud. Meanwhile, Luther takes on a job babysitting a dog, but accidentally takes the elderly owner's instruction list by mistake instead of the dog's.moreless
    • I, Skatebot
      Episode 18
      The owner of the store in whose backyard Zeke and Luther are always skating at is very upset about them being in there. So he creates a robot to keep the skaters away. But soon that robot is running berserk.
    • Law and Boarder
      Episode 19
      Ginger wants to make skating on the street illegal, because Zeke and Luther ruined one of her food-selling deals.
    • 1/25/10
      Zeke and Luther are excited, because their favorite movie actor Sammy the ape is coming into town. He is shooting a movie called 'The Great Skating Ape'. And the film team is looking for extras to play in the background.
    • Skate Squad
      Episode 21
      Zeke and Luther are funding a skate team in their school to get out of PE class. They call themselves the Woodpeckers and soon they get to have their first competition against the only other school-skate team in California.
  • Season 2
  • Season 3