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  • I miss Zeke and Luther

    I honestly do not know why this show is getting bad reviews, I really loved the show and i miss it, yes it can be dumb but it's funny at the same time and i hope they put it back.
  • Glad This Got Cancelled

    It wasn't funny, the plots were absolutely stupid, and it's like Kick Buttowski.
  • Like Kick Buttowski, too rad and overboard with the skating

    Personally, I think that it is high time Jetix comes back and Disney XD resigns as all thier shows except Mr. Young are too shallow and are struggling to make a decent quality show like this one for example. I say that it is high time either Kick Buttowski or this show goes, as both rip one another off! (thumbs up if you agree)
  • Terrible show

    This was back doing the skating crave of '09 but when the craze died no one watch the show anymore. It's boring.
  • Eat Shit Zeke and Luther

    Thank you thank you thank you Disney channel for taking this crap off the air! I hated this show. It really isn't funny. Watching paint dry is a better choice than watching this crap. I don't think they even air this show on tv anymore. So I would like to give you a round of applause :-D
  • soso...

    its like a copy of Drake and Josh
  • I don't care how many thumbs down I get! I just want this show to get taken off the air before it gets any worse!

    Gosh I can't understand why everyone likes this show so much, its boring, unfunny, and I can skateboard better than these losers. The graphics are terrible! You see? This show killed Disney too, Toon Disney used to be one of my favorite channels to tune into, shows like Disney's House of Mouse, Lilo and Stitch: The Series (They turn Disney movies or other Disney stuff into shows, but they actually do a really good job at it). But when this crap came, it went from Jetix and Toon Disney, to Disney XD! F*ck you Hannah Montana! If you never killed Disney, this would never happen to Toon Disney/Jetix! Perfect reason why stupid Teen Sitcoms are taking over nowadays. It doesn't even have a moral. The characters aren't likable! About all of them are idiots!

    You people say it has good morals, actually it doesn't. And this show is not underrated one bit.

    And who even thought of the theme song? I love rock music, but not the Zeke and Luther theme song which has rock music!

    These kids can't skate, like @TwoTonePhantom said, they try too hard to be pro skaters. And hasn't the idea of Skateboarding been used enough already?!? As for the humor, there's barely even any funny moments! Even Johnny Test got a few chuckles out of me, and that show just sucks!

    Overall, Sorry, but this show just sucks, I hope it gets canceled soon. But if it really does come on, just change the channel, get your skateboard, and skate as far away from this show as you can!
  • well, its ok

    please make it better. Funny but pretty annoying

  • This show has had some mixed criticism... and Im pretty much torn beetween liking this show, and hating it. Im finally going to come out and say my opinon on Disney XD's Zeke and Luther.


    Zeke and Luther (starring Hutch Dano and Adam Hicks), is a show that is simialr to the plot of Shake it Up!, but in a better way. I have three compliments and two minor problems.

    Compliment #1 Good Acting and Realstic Plots- Unlike most Disney Channel shows these days, Zeke and Luther actaully appears very realistic, with good acting, and nice plots. Maybe its beacuse there's no annoying laugh track interupping every sentence, but something just makes this show respectible. Most of the characters act good, except Kojo who I can't stand. Ginger acts pretty calm. Zeke and Luther are goofy, but in a not cheesy way. The scenes appear to real, and not sets. I hope that is true. But I guess as long as they appear that way, it's good.

    Compliment #2 Morals- Almost every episode of this show has a big or small moral about life. Most of them are about living your dreams. Morals are hard to sneak in a kid's show, as seen in shows like ICarly, which are very scarse in morals. The morals are brought on in a funny way, and they are always visible.

    Compliment #3 Respect for Hard Work- Completely opposite of Shake it Up!, Zeke and Luther resepects the fact that living your dream takes practice. They are constantly facing obstacales and new tricks to overcome. They sometimes fail at what they're attempting, which makes it all the more relatible. In, shows like Shake it Up!, you just see the characters breeze through their dreams like it's no bug deal, and you dont' get to see the funny and intreting obstacles that pop up in the way. Zeke and Luther does an exellent job at showing everything.

    I have two very small problems that can hopefully be fixed and make the show all the more enjoyable.

    Problem #1 Kojo- Kojo (played by Daniel Curtis Lee), yes that's right, It's Daniel Curtis Lee. Anyway, Kojo annoys the living crap out of me. He is doing this weird thing where he slaps his butt and saying "watch out!". Its so stupid. Also, he is way to cocky, which sometimes makes the show better, but mostly its just unneciary. (Sorry I can't spell :P)

    Problem #2 "Skate Talk"- Another thing that may annoy you in this show is their stupid skate slang. Zeke uses the most. They say things like "nozzlejockey" and "buzzwaxer". So annoying!

    So, in my opinion, if Gumball, Avatar, Adventure Time, or Good Luck Charlie isn't on, this is worth watching. Just watch out for the irratating Kojo and skater slang, because it might drive you nutts.

  • When I'm down or need cheering up I put this on.

    Most of the time I don't like it, but when I'm depressed it'll surely cheer me up.
  • This ma show

    best reality show are Good Luck Charlie Kickin'It and pair of Kings This show good as hell but it just need some more color it's like ever show gotta have a white person as the main charecter give Kojo some ep and some props
  • Another piece of crap from Disney.

    Remember the good Disney shows? Lizzie McGuire, Pepper Ann, Even Stevens, Recess, Kim Possible, and the others? Those days are gone. Enter Zeke and Luther, a show that's about as bad as Hannah Montana, The Suite Life of Zach & Cody, and those other Disney Channel shows now (save for Phineas and Ferb).

    The humor is what little kids laugh at. And these kids can't skate. They try too hard. I can't even watch this show, which is even more annoying, because my little brother loves it! I hope Disney XD cancels this show soon and replaces it with Recess reruns or Disney's Doug (even if it wasn't as good as Nick's). The characters are flat-out annoying and unlikable. And what's the deal with the theme song? It's terrible! But nowhere as annoying as the Fanboy & Chum-Chum theme. Just don't watch this show.
  • Awesome an hilarious show

    This is seriously one of the funniest shows i've ever seen. While it may not be that popular, it is very good. I think more people should give it a chance, I did and it's lovely. The people who say that it's a bad show have obviously never given the show a chance or have no sense of humor. Nice plot, likeable characters, great acting, realistic environment and funny jokes that will have you laughing every time, this show has got everything except popularity which it really deserves. This show, along with other shows like Kickin' it, I'm in the band and Kick Buttowski prove that Disney XD is superior to Disney Channel and has much more promise.

    Ok, so basically this show is about 2 best friends named Zeke and Luther who love skateboarding and just wanna have fun but usually end up in bad situations, but in the end, everything works out fine for the two boys.

    Like I said, great show. So don't pay attention to the haters, watch it for yourself, you won't be disappointed and you'll be laughing every time.

  • Great show!

    I'm glad Disney decided to go in a different direction with this show. It's not focused on stupid boyfriend-girlfriend relationships or stupid romance. They're just two "bros" trying to make their skating boarding dreams come true while going through misadventures. The show also doesn't take place on a boring set all of the time, sometimes they're outside. I hope it doesn't get cancelled.
  • This show flat-lane sucks.

    This, without a doubt, the worst show that I have ever watched or had the dishonor of telling people that I watched. When I first saw the trailers for this show, I was surprised. I thought 'surely even Disney XD won't air this let-down in children's television'. I'm unhappy to say that I was proved wrong. Zeke and Luther, rather than actually make use of comedic timing or funny jokes, relies on the use of fart sounds and skater terms to appeal to an audience. I'm here to say, it didn't work. Mission failed. Game over. There is absolutely no character development, as the boys fall for the same stupid gags from episode to episode. There is no real plot. There are no real life lessons learned. The only hope that I have for this show is that, by watching it fail, the people at Disney XD will learn from their mistakes and move from being a primarily comedic network to being more action themed (with more shows like Aaron Stone).

    p.s. I would give this show a 0, but the rating minimum is a one. :)
  • I Love it!

    My Review On The TV Show Zeke And Luther-

    This Show Really Sucked untill like the 4th episode. From there on in it just got better and better as it kept on airing and after like the 20th Episode it was one of the best shows on TV! Now I watch it almost 7 times Every Day, and really look forword to new episodes every Sunday! I Really Love this show and Hope You do too!

    I Hope You Agree With My Review Of This Television Show!!!

    Zeke And Luther Keep On Airing!!!!!!!!

    New Episodes Every Sunday At 8:00!

    Zeke- Huch Dano
    Kojo- Daniel Curtus Lee
    Ginger- Ryan Newmon
  • Zeke and-*turns off the TV*-

    I can't stand this show. Unlike Foster's, this show makes me want to turn off the TV as soon as the theme-or whatever it is-comes on. It's about skaters, or skater-wannabes, who want to be pro skaters. Now, who wants to watch this show anyway? I'm with the Band must be better than this crap. Tell me, is it? Oh, Gods of TV, is it any better than Tree and Dirt? I can't even come up with reasons this show sucks--except one. Tony. Hawk. Guest-starred. Does he have anything else to do other than guest-star these days? Can't he do anything else?
  • good show

    Zeke and Luther is a show about two freinds who love skate-boarding, and are trying to go pro. They also have a rival freind Kojo, sometimes he's their rival, and sometimes he's their freind. This is a great show with epic humor. The situations they get into are very funny, and its creatively written. This show isn't very popular but its pretty good. Its colorful, and scenic. I don't know where they live, but its somewhere in Seattle..I think. Well its a good show, and it had a good season 1. If you like to watch Psych, this is a good show.
  • This show isn't that bad, to be honest.

    I actually kinda like this show. From all the reviews I've read about it, I thought it was going to be awful, but I was wrong. It's moderate at best and that's fine with me, but I won't be putting this on any Top 50 list in a hurry.

    The show focuses on skateboarding and the main skateboarders are Zeke (the one with the brain hair) and Luther (the ginger one) They're trying to become world-famous skateboarders and they'll try anything to achieve that, even jumping a shark. However they often encounter things which would hinder them from achieving this, such as Zeke's little sister, Ginger, some crazy guy who made skateboarding illegal, cops and rivals along the way.

    The show is a mixture of live action and animation (like out of jimmy's head) but unlike that series, Zeke and Luther doesn't totally suck. However, it's not really that revolutionary either, but it's worth a watch if there's nothing else on and who knows, you might like it. I like it but I'm not in love with it, although some of the jokes do make me laugh sometimes, which is good. :)

    So, overall this series isn't all that bad, however, it's not that great either. Sometimes there's things in it that are absolutely ridiculous and pathetic such as an argument over armpit hair! However don't let my review sway your decisions. Make your own!

    Grade = C
  • Minimal character development.

    The most developed character in the story is Zeke, who still shows much underdevelopment. Besides that, this is just another extreme sports show (like Next X). Sitcoms today are mediocre... as is this one. Further more, the purpose of the show (for the boys to go pro) still hasn't been met, and they are not even trying to. Instead, this show is simply chronicling the life of two skaters. Furthermore, no story line is ever continued past one episode. Disney XD portrays this show to be an exciting show for the coolest of skaters, when it's really an average, abject attempt at comic relief.
  • Well there's a half hour of my life I won't get back...

    Alright, you can see what I rated this show and just give me a thumbs down, honestly I won't mind. You can read the rest of this review and still give a thumbs down, again I won't mind. Or you can just hear me out as I explain why I did not like this show in the least bit. Zeke and Luthor gives you a Faris Buler (SP?) esq feel as two dim witted skateboarders try to go pro. I can't stand either character and it's really annoying whenever they talk down to you and break the fourth wall. Nothing at all is realistic and just seems really unorgional. Thier little sister is a rip off Megan Parker from Drake and Josh and so many other characters like her. The boy's rivialary with thier friend seems really immature...but then again the whole show does. These kids have to at LEAST fourteen (likly older) yet they act like a couple of six year olds. But then again, I'm out of the target group for this show. I'm a teenage girl, so OBVIOUSLY this show shouldn't appeal to me right? Well honestly, I find it annoying that Disney XD would air something that can't at least be tolerated by older audiences; that's what good writings all about. Even my little sister, who's nine, had trouble sitting through this one. There's no way anyone who's not male and under the age ten (not tweleve, ten) will be able to stand this in the least bit. A half hour of my life I will not being getting back anytime soon.