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  • Zen Koan

    The koan in this case is the nonsensical reason BBC gave for cancelling this excellent show ie "there were already enough male crime-fighters on If BBC felt that way, then why air it at all? IMO, this show is really quite well written and acted. Both Sewell and Murino are riveting! Hopefully, another broadcasting group, one with a little more foresight and better business sense, will pick it up downstream.
  • Zenlicious

    A great series and I hope they will continue this beautiful produced , directed and acted interpretation of Michael Dibdin's ZEN Mysteries.
  • Zen-tastic

    Please renew this show!! It is so well writen and acted. I've watched it 3 times and am really hoping there will be a new series!
  • Aurelio Zen is an incorruptible man in a noticeably imperfect department of the Roman police - but that doesn't mean he isn't devious.

    Michael Dibdin's Italian-set police novels are the basis for the BBC's latest cop show. The tone of the series differs from most others - the cops in this show are lazy, dishonest, self-centred, only too willing to cover things up and only too reluctant to go that extra mile to get at the truth. But not Aurelio Zen. He's the one good man who wins through in the end, although in each episode he's in as much danger from his fellow-cops and superiors as from the official villainy. There's one compensation for suave, poker-faced Aurelio - his gorgeous new colleague Tania Moretti. They're a very sexy pair, and these enjoyable (if very complicated) stories crackle as much with erotic tension as with suspense.
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