Season 2 Episode 25

The god of destruction arrives. Fight, courageous ones

Aired Friday 11:30 PM Dec 18, 1995 on



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    • This episode, alongside the episodes Dangerous encounter. Sayaka's crush, Kokutei gets kidnapped. Assissinate the dog diety!, Akira's the target. Attacker from the Realm of the Dead, Darkness approaches. Chiaki gets tested, The miracle of Mother Mary. The memories of an ancient jewel, Kazue dies at dawn! Kill the phantom karuma beast!, Beautiful beast. Negation power, Enno shrine under attack. Come, Earth Dragon staff!, The fate of the moon & the wolf. Beyond the white & silver!, The guardian spirit vs. the dog diety. The last battle of destiny, and Go guardian spirit! Golden axe Ludora, is featured on the Zenki DVD Volume 4: Zenki - Saga 4 (released on 30th September 2003).

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