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Zero Hour from ABC revolves around a bizarre twist of fate that pulls a man who's spent 20 years as the editor of a skeptics magazine into one of the most compelling conspiracies in human history.

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  • Zero Hour was an amazing show

    I have watched the 13 episodes in the last few days and I was hooked from the beginning.

    It's a shame they cancelled this one, like many others, but at least there is an actual end and can be looked as it was a mini series with 13 episodes.

    I would loved to see more adventures for the crew of the "Modern Skeptic Magazine", maybe some spin off will be made, let's hope.

    Any way, I advice anyone to watch this well done series, it is worth it

  • Nice with possible spin off

    A good show, typical one season only. Quite original but I think it didn't catch on as it should. The ending is also touchy and hopeful giving some possibility for a spin off or sort of a continuation.
  • Great show if it were meant to be a

    The first 2-3 episodes I almost stopped watching but as the series progressed, it got better and better. This should've been more presented as a mini-series. If you look at it as a mini-series, it was great. It's like one of those movies that you sometimes wish would go on for more than just 2 hours, and this was it. I enjoyed watching this.
  • Cancelled - maybe good, maybe not

    This show has been an exercise in frustration and, ultimately, boredom. It started out with an intriguing premise, but after three episodes, I got tired of hearing Agent Riley say, "We're too late - Vincent got here before us!" Really, is that the best the writers can do? It was starting to feel like a cheap rip-off of The Da Vinci Code. Still, I agree with those who are coming down on ABC for not giving the show a chance. It could have been improved with better writing; everything else is actually quite good - the basic concept, the acting, the photography, and the historical references, which have been fascinating. As usual, the brain-dead executives at ABC have killed the baby without even considering her potential. Maybe that's why ABC is such a dud networkmoreless
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    Christopher Walken perfected this idea in a much more inspiring independent film... "The Power of Few"

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